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ZBT Gaming Community: Discovering a New Way to Trade Items (SPONSORED)

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Recently, a new platform called ZBT gaming community launched. Up to now, most other platforms have been used as a place for players to gather and talk about games. They’re aiming at connecting game companies and players. But in the ZBT Gaming Community, players can build a balanced system by joining events finishing tasks or trading items.


At ZBT Gaming the player is not just a consumer but rather the creator of a gaming ecosystem. While exploring different functions we found that the ZBT rewards a player gets depend on the ratio of the daily contribution value collected and the total contribution value of all users of the platform that day. When a player completes the different tasks that are available on the platform each day, he or she will get extra rewards.

For example, players can connect their STEAM account with the platform and thus share game data with the community. The platform then is able to analyze the players’ rewards according to the time they have spent playing the game as well as their victory rate. This means the more tasks a player completes the more rewards can be claimed with even arcane items available.

Players on the platform playing different games

There are 3 ways of contributing value on the platform:

  1. The platform mainly counts victories and losses as well as the time that is spent playing games to calculate contribution value. If a particular player wins more often than he loses he will get more contribution value. The same applies to the time this player spends playing the respective game.
  2. Contribution value can be earned by adding one’s phone number or STEAM account to the platform, though there are plenty of other tasks you can complete to get contribution value in the gaming community.
  3. Of course, you can also invite friends to get contribution value.

Inviting friends

So, generally speaking, how do users profit from the ZBT Gaming Community? Firstly, players can build a neoteric and astonishing environment to discuss the latest games.

Its biggest advantage is that the players can exchange their ZBT points for items. If you complete all daily tasks you can get 1000 points of contribution value which you can then exchange for about 500 ZBT points. The recent price of arcane items is around 4000 to 5000 ZBT points. So, that means if you keep finishing daily tasks for more than ten days you can get an arcane item for DOTA 2 for free.

On the other hand, this platform helps game companies get more player support by creating a whole new gaming community. It is also another way to connect different games with each other and prolongs the lifespan of games.

If you consider all those advantages you will find that the ZBT Gaming Community features core functions that attract serious players’ attention. Apart from that, it can be predicted that the platform will deliver even more tasks and events in the future.

Additionally, if we take a look at the recent development of the Blockchain economy we will see that this platform has the potential to grow fast as soon as enough players have become users. We hope that this platform will be able to expand into more areas of the entertainment industry in order to bring more interesting content to a bigger number of players.


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