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Hello, my name is Jesse Knapp and I have been involved in the development of APB for the last three years as the Lead Gameplay Designer. I'd like to take a moment to talk about the most important choice you'll make in APB: Criminal or Enforcer.

Some background...

San Paro is a city at war with itself. With neighborhood gangs and City Security Act backed private security forces looking to expand, everyone is recruiting.

The question is: which side will you join?

The Criminal element...

If bringing chaos and mayhem to the streets of San Paro is your idea of a good time, joining up with the Criminals is the choice for you. Whether looking to make a quick buck, sticking it to 'The Man', or just causing destruction, Criminals prey on the city of San Paro and her residents. Arson, burglary, ram raids, grand theft auto, and even some graffiti are all just part of a day in the life of an APB Criminal.

As if that wasn't enough, you've got the Enforcers to worry about as well. If you wish, you can try to keep a low profile, passing bribes to your Contacts in San Paro and staying on your best behavior when the Enforcers are watching. For the more daring, throwing caution to the wind is a common occurrence, culminating in furious car chases and massive gun battles spanning the city. However you choose to play as a Criminal you take what you want, when you want, from who you want. Damn the rest.

CSA sponsorship...

In a city as wracked by crime and violence as San Paro, sometimes the traditional authorities just can't stem the tide. Cue the Enforcers; whether you call them government sanctioned vigilantes, the savior of the city, or a menace to society, they're here to stay. While Criminals spend their days feeding on the city, Enforcers are here for one thing and one thing only: to stop the Criminals, grind them into dust and maybe take back what they have stolen while they are at it.

Enforcers in San Paro may spend their time investigating the Criminals, raiding their hideouts, replacing their graffiti with more socially acceptable propaganda, or patrolling the streets of San Paro hoping to catch them in the act. However they find the Criminals doesn't matter, it's what they do once they've found them that counts.

Enforcers in APB have an important choice ahead of them: take the low road and beat the Criminals at their own game in a hail of lead and explosives or take the high road and arrest them the good old fashioned way. Either way the Criminals are stopped in their tracks, but in my humble opinion there aren't many things in this life more satisfying than the clack of handcuffs locking into place.

Beta and beyond...

Beta has been a very exciting time for us here at Realtime Worlds, while there have been constant challenges to overcome throughout, perhaps the most satisfying aspect of this has been seeing what the player's themselves have already added to APB.

One such occurrence has happened on our forums: Enforcer players have created a catalog of arrests, taking screenshots of every Criminal they have arrested and inciting a competition within their own ranks to see who can arrest the most unique individuals. While this is only one small example of the creativity of our players, I'm thrilled to see what you come up with next.

See you in San Paro,
Jesse Knapp


Guest Writer