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Welcome to the Den of Kubrow Bonus Weeks

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There are few things more satisfying than watching the small, innocent puppy you raised from birth grow into the strong and confident Grineer killing machine it was born to be. 

Raising a Kubrow in Warframe isn't easy, but this week we're helping all Tenno rear their own four-legged murder makers with our Den of Kubrow Bonus Weeks.  It's a great way to get started and create your own fuzzy death-dealer while hitting a few cool bonuses along the way.

Den of Kubrow Bonus Weeks is a two-week special that starts by rewarding all players who login from May 14 to May 21 with a free Kubrow Starter Kit.  If you're the kind of Tenno that already has a Kubrow you adore, we also have a special gene-masking kit that opens up new customization options for your Kubrow. 

A unique Alert, a special weapon and special Market promotions are also scheduled to better celebrate Warframe's iconic companion.

We are also launching Update 16.5, Tubemen of Regor and that comes with some compelling new content. Our community has been asking for a head-to-head Conclave gamemode since Conclave 2.0 launched, and we're proud to deliver this new game type within our expansion to Conclave PvP.  Players can now participate in deathmatch-style Annihilation or Team Annihilation game modes, securing points by capturing player essence after successful kills.

These two new game modes are featured on four new Conclave maps.  Canyon Settlement, Freight Line and Navigation Array reimagine classic Conclave dueling arenas tailored specifically to give players a more competitive experience.  Docking Bay is based on our latest tileset that is also previewed briefly in Update 16.5 -- the Grineer Underwater Sealab.

Our latest Update also features three new deadly weapons:  The Boltace puncture-based tonfas, the powerful Daikyu bow, and the Atomos super-heated particle cannon.  Each of these weapons are available in the market for Platinum or their blueprints can be acquired for hard Credits.

Between a free companion, new weapons, a special alert, and a stylish Conclave expansion there's plenty for Tenno to sink their fangs, teeth and claws into with Update 16.5 and the Den of Kubrow Bonus Weeks

We hope everyone enjoys the gifts and please be sure to share your full-grown Kubrow with the enemies of the Lotus as often as possible.  We're certain they'll appreciate it.

Head to Warframe.com to get playing, or download the game from Steam, or PSN or XBL.


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