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You’ll travel throughout the lands in search of powerful and majestic beasts to aid in a war against evil. Tame and train your mounts to help you overcome impossible challenges, and use them for more than just travel. Grab the reins as you master mounted ground and aerial combat to purge the skies and everything under them of all vile and wicked foes. The ride of your life awaits in Riders of Icarus!

Capture. Collect. Conquer.

Riders of Icarus is a classic MMORPG with a big addition. Have you ever ridden through a world on your noble steed and while happy with your equine companion, wondered why you—a mighty adventurer— couldn’t tame a mythical dragon, spindly spider, or any of the other wild beasts you saw in the world?

In Riders of Icarus, we allow you to choose your mount from more than 100 beasts that populate the game. Imagine being able to capture and ride a feral wolf. If you prefer a phoenix, you can fly one of those as well. And dragons—well, everyone dreams of not just riding a dragon, but finding one, diving from above onto its back, and bending it to your will. In Riders of Icarus, you will do exactly that.

Mounts vary in rarity from common to legendary. The ordinary bear isn’t very difficult to find or tame. As your ambitions grow and you take aim at the rarer mounts, you’ll not only need skill but also intelligence and bravery. You’ll need to track down the elusive beasts and undertake challenging quests in order to obtain them.

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