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Weapons and Armor

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Every adventurer needs a reliable weapon and Dragonica Online offers players a vast selection of combat weaponry. There are two main combat styles players can master in Dragonica Online: melee combat and long-range assault. Each job class specializes in unique combat techniques that are only available to their profession. As players grow their characters to advanced classes, choosing the right weapon will be critical in slaying mobs with ease.

Archers and Magicians are masters of long-range weaponry but employ very different combat styles. Archers can use either a Bow or Crossbow while Magicians must choose between wielding a Staff or Spear. Archers utilize Bows to fire arrows at lightning speeds or Crossbows to spit bolts at multiple enemies. Spears and Staves are the weapons of choice for Magicians who often prefer to cast magic spells from a distance to dispatch unsuspecting monsters. The perfect Spear or Staff can increase a Magician's magical powers to devastating levels.

Warriors showcase their close-range melee skills with One-Handed or Two-Handed Swords while Thieves can select from Claws and Arm Blades. All Warriors have a close bond with their sword but some prefer the nimble agility offered when using one-handed swords while others wield two-handed swords to deal maximum damage. Thieves are the combat specialist of Dragonica, using an array of Claws and Arm Blades in their rapid, close-quarter attacks.

While playing Dragonica Online, adventurers can obtain rare weapons that possess legendary power. These items contain mysterious powers and grant their users increased combat attributes. As players journey through the world of Dragonica, they'll battle epic monsters and rare mobs for the chance to become legendary heroes.


Just as all adventurers need reliable weapons, adventurers also need armor to protect themselves from danger and peril. Dragonica Online's Armor System is divided into unique pieces, each with a distinct defense rating contributing to the overall armor strength. Players can equip up to 15 pieces of armor, and while not every piece is required, the more armor that is equipped the better you'll fare in combat. Armor categories include: Helmet, Shoulder, Body, Gloves, Pants, Belt, Shield, Necklace, Earrings, Face Items, Backpack, Medals and Boots. While not every item you encounter may provide defensive stats, items can also grant important character enhancements that increase a player's strength, durability and chances of survival.

In Dragonica Online, armor not only plays a vital role by protecting players from shark pirates and herds of Angry Sheep, but also allows players to define their inner hero with unique armor sets designed especially for each job class.

Each job class has distinct armor that uniquely identifies its class's personality and characteristics. Warrior's bear armor designed to exude nobility and honor while also being able to withstand punishment from fierce battles. An extension of a Magician's magic can be seen in the intricacy of the armor design that is selected for battle. Thieves sport a variety of armor sets that provide maximum agility and dexterity, secrecy and stealth. Wearing armor that mimics nature, Archers blend in with the environment to secure strategic battle positions to deal massive damage.

Lost and forgotten, ancient armor sets are spread throughout the world of Dragonica. Only true heroes of Dragonica will discover the power offered by these legendary artifacts.


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