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Warsong City

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In our latest expansion, the "Age of Spirits," we introduced the Genie system. Genies allow players to further customize their character with added skills. Now, following the Genies, we will be opening a new, exciting and unique instance called Warsong City.

Formally a bridge between the Genie World and the land that makes up Perfect World, Warsong City has been overtaken by the evil Incarcerate in hopes of controlling the power of the Genies. It is up to the denizens of the Perfect World to stop him!

Warsong City is definitely not for the faint of heart--it is an Instance meant for a well-coordinated party. Your party can enter by speaking with Dancing Melody in Sanctuary. Players will need to be at least level 80 to enter.

Your party will have several different mini-missions, one of which will require your party to split up in order to protect certain NPCs in six different zones. This especially will take some coordination and strategy. But don't wait too long to jump into those worlds--once you complete the previous mission, you will have two minutes to position yourselves to protect the main NPC of Warsong City. And yes, the monsters will spawn even if you aren't there yet! The resulting battle is a siege of epic proportions that will not only put users to the test, but reward greatly those who succeed.

If your group is especially skilled and earns enough points, you will be able to face off against the final boss--who has a loot table that will make even the most elite players cry like school children.

Since Warsong was originally the border between the Genie World and Perfect World, it is the perfect place to collect drop items that are required for upgrading genie gear and leveling up your genie.

So gather up your friends, make a party and see if you're strong enough to hold out against the forces within Warsong City!


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