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US Tanks, M19 and M26, Ready to Rumble Into Service

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Gaijin Entertainment is ready to unleash the next two US tanks set to rumble into War Thunder when the Steel Generals updates launches into game. We have an exclusive preview of two of the tanks, the Twin 40mm Gun Motor Carriage M19 and the M26 Pershing. Check out the first ever published information and screens about this bruising pair of tanks!\

Twin 40mm Gun Motor Carriage M19

American anti-aircraft vehicle based on M24 (Chaffee). Developed and produced in early 40s. Did not take part in WW2 and was mostly used during the Korean War. Equipped with a twin Bofors 40mm gun, which is still used by United States Air Force.

M26 Pershing

The first operational heavy tank of the United States Army. The tank is named after General John J. Pershing who led the American Expeditionary Force in Europe in World War I. It was briefly used both in World War II and in the Korean War. In May 1946, due to changing conceptions of the U.S. Army's tank needs, the M26 was reclassified as a medium tank.

Controlling Machine Guns

In the 1.45 update, players will be able to aim machine guns on tanks as well as guns. It will be done in the same way as the multi-turreted tanks. By pushing a hot-key, players will secure the controls of the machine gun.


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