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Unleashing Raven’s Rage

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This week we’re kicking off “Prelude” month with exciting additions to Elsword. What exactly is the “Prelude” you say?  Well, it means we have some exciting news to announce soon, but before we do we’re revisiting the characters to introduce brand new ways to play.

This week, Raven gets the royal treatment as we add a host of abilities to his repertoire. As anyone who’s taken Raven into a PvP match knows, he’s an absolute wild man when it comes to melee combat. The last thing you want is to be on the receiving end of that Nasod claw. But, as merciless as he can be in close combat, he’s always been light on what we like to call “perks”.

“Perks” are the special moves that make the characters harder to predict in the PvP arena and give them a wider range of answers to their opponents’ threats.  For example, Chung entered the PvP mix with some incredibly potent melee attacks, but also introduced a new ammunition system that gives him a deep array of ranged attacks. Similarly, Eve has some wicked and sneaky summon abilities, and even Rena has her double jump and bow to make her nimble and lethal in both melee and ranged.

Now it’s Raven’s turn, so let’s talk a little about his new bag of tricks. Raven can now activate “Rage” mode upon awakening, in much the same way Chung enters Berserk mode. Raven’s Rage mode summons a special Nasod core that gives him new defensive and offensive capabilities.  The core is a special robotic helper that helps in different ways depending on how you play.

If you stand your ground as enemies attack you, the core will morph into a special shield and absorb blows, but if you unleash attacks, the core will follow suit by morphing into a spear and piercing your opponents from a distance. This gives Raven new and seriously intimidating ranged attacks.  The core can also help once it’s gone. The more successive attacks you land on your foes, the larger it grows. And when it disappears, you gain back HP and MP to match its size, keeping you in the fight even longer.  And for the kicker, if you activate with full awakening, Raven begins rage mode surrounded by flames that damage your opponents.   

Rage mode and the new Nasod core might very well become your new best friend.  And it’s not just a PvP thing either. Raven’s Rage abilities also give him new ways of dealing destruction on dungeons runs.  And if anyone feels bummed because they don’t play Raven, stay tuned. We’ve got other new abilities to announce during “Prelude” month.

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