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Unique Guild Domain System

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Most MMOs, especially those that have a PVP system like Divina, have a guild system with basic communication features and GVG. But what most players find surprising in Divina is how robust its guild system is, featuring a unique Domain System, which can best be described as a meta-game. Now, these are guilds to be reckoned with!

There are two types of Domains that can be built in Divina - Private Domains and Guild Domains. Private Domains are controlled by individual players, whereas the Guild Domain is run by the Guild Leader and Vice Leader. With these Domains, players can construct buildings, gather resources, and level them up to unlock special items and benefits that the guild members can use in- game. The Guild Leader and Vice Leader can even develop a Guild Hinterland System.

Put simply, the Private Domain is each player’s farmland, where they can build anyway they please, and produce whatever resources they need, which can then also be shared with the Guild Domain.

The Guild Domain is like a small town, with each member of the guild providing resources to help the town grow and develop. As the Guild Domain and Guild Hinterland level up, guild members can get buffs from special markers on the map, and they can also accept daily instanced quests that are specifically for guilds to receive high EXP rewards.

One thing to note -- the Domain System interface is built under the Guild system. That means if you leave the guild, even though you will not be able to access the Domain interface, your Private Domain’s advancement will not be affected. You’ll be able to access it again once you’ve joined a new guild. However, if the new guild is at a lower level than your Private Domain, you won’t be able to start at the level you left off. If you want your Private Domain to develop bigger and produce faster, choose a guild that will grow with you in the long-term.

Private Domain

Once you have reached level 20 and joined a guild that has reached level 2, you can start your own Private Domain. In the Private Domain system, everyone can construct their own buildings and R&D offices to produce consumables for your daily use. If you are especially efficient in producing resources, you can even become a resource wholesaler, and earn some extra gold on the side!

Private Domain Buildings and Functions


One of the main buildings. Other buildings cannot exceed the Home level.

Private R&D Office

Research and Development to improve the efficiency of various Domain functions

Resource Storage

Increases the maximum resources that can be stored

Elemental Ore

Produces 80 “Ore” every hour at level 1


Produces 80 “Lumber” every hour at level 1


Produces 80 “Brick” every hour at level 1

Element Building

Produces more  “Ore” per hour Must have at least Level 6 Home + Level 5 Elemental Ores

Lumber Building

Produces more “Lumber” per hour

Must have at least level 6 Home + Level 5 Lumber 

Brick Building

Produces more “Bricks” per hour

Must have at least level 6 Home + Level 5 Bricks

Crystal Rod Building

Produces crystal rods with all sorts of effects

Potion Building

Produces all sorts of potions

Temple of Faith

Increases faith points (Produces Treasure Chests)

Bell Tower

Increases the individual Private Domain time

Guild Domain System

Compared to the Private Domain, the Guild Domain is more beneficial to the player. Although some of the domain buildings are the same as what you’ll find in Private Domains, there are some unique and valuable items that can be produced from the Guild Domain -- like Skill Books from the Skill Office, which are required to learn special class skills that can’t be learned anywhere else.

The higher the building level, the better the items you can make. And the higher the Main City, the more buildings you can construct and expand. All created items in the Domain system are dropped into a separate Guild Storage, for guild members to access. There is a catch, though --buildings cannot exceed the level of their main building, and Private Domain Homes cannot exceed the official Guild Main City by 2 levels. So the members must work together to level up the Main City, so they can level up their own buildings.

Since the Guild Leader and Vice Leader are in charge of the main Guild Domain, they can set taxes on their members that will benefit the Guild Domain, to help increase its level faster.  The Guild Leader can set a tax for member resources, guild points, or member time.

Guild Hinterland

The Guild Hinterland is the ultimate goal that all guild leaders and members work towards together. The Guild Hinterlands interface has markers on it, with your guild starting on the rightmost marker. As your guild levels up, you will be able to move across the map.

There are three different types of markers on this map and unlocking them will unlock the following benefits:

1) General Base – you unlock these to gain access to further spots on the map.

2) Special Base – once you unlock this, a passive buff will be active for all guild members within a certain zone. This will help them through their leveling/questing.

3) Instance Base – perhaps the most important marker, these will allow the guild to make use of the Trial Grounds feature.

The Trial Grounds are separate instances that allow guild members to fight additional monsters and take on challenge quests for higher EXP. There are different Trial Grounds to unlock that are appropriate for different character levels.

Guilds that level up within the Guild Hinterlands, can receive additional buffs in other relevant maps. These buffs aid in the guild’s advancement, whether it’s in helping to kill monsters or during PVP.

Uncovering these additional benefits as you advance through the Domain system with your guild is just another part of what makes Divina so surprising and fun!


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