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Ukkonen - An 'Electrifying' Personality

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Ukkonen Statistics

  • Class Role: Single Target Magical DPS

  • Attack Damage Type: Magical

  • Ability Damage Type: Magical

  • Offensive Capability: High

  • Defensive Capability: Low

  • Difficulty: Intermediate

This character is designed to be a highly mobile burst damage dealer who gets in, assassinates a target, then leaves the team fight to wait for cooldowns. Alternatively he will be very good at cleaning up fights mostly over already and chasing down running enemies.

Ukkonen Lore

A royal house's guardian left to languish in darkness from ages long past; he was forgotten about until their need for his power drew great enough to be worth the cost.

Ukkonen Abilities

Twisted Bolts

Fires three bolts toward the targeted position. These three bolts split up on the way then converge on the targeted point and deal damage to the first enemy target they collide with. If the same target is hit by multiple bolts they are slowed if hit by two bolts, and stunned if hit by three bolts. Consecutive bolts after the first deal reduced damage.

Static Charge

Passive: Ukkonen builds up a static charge as he moves, occasionally causing a small pulse of static electricity around him. This pulse deals a small amount of damage and slows enemies nearby.

Active: Ukkonen surges forward in the direction he is facing and then unleashes a static pulse upon arrival.

Rising Storm and Tempest Armor

Ukkonen adjusts himself to allow him to be more deadly or more resilient to attacks. In Rising Storm mode he will have a passive bonus to attack damage and movement speed. In Tempest Armor form he will have a bonus to armor and magic resistance. When activating this ability to change modes the new mode is temporarily more powerful.

Strike Twice (Ultimate)

Ukkonen activates this ability to cause energy to build up in nearby enemy immortals every second for the next six seconds, visibly marking them with electricity. After a 1.5 second delay chain lightning is fired outward from Ukkonen at the target, dealing damage and bouncing to nearby enemies.

Lightning Flow (Signature)

Ukkonen's power temporarily warps the physical realm, allowing him to teleport over short distances rather than running. While this is active right-click movement is changed to teleportation in a range of 250 around Ukkonen. (Clicks farther than this distance will teleport that much distance in one direction) These teleportations have a 0.75s cooldown and contribute to the total movement for Ukkonen's Static Charge.


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