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True Intergalactic Combat Starts in Second Galaxy (SPONSORED)

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Second Galaxy, the sci-fi MMO mobile game from ZLONEGAME, will on September 10th and many players are eagerly awaiting Second Galaxy as the first game to transform an intergalactic MMORPG game from PC to mobile devices.

The game has received the recommendation from both Apple store and Google play. It is available for early reservation now. Recently, the reservation number has reached 750K. Join the group of universal exploration now!

ZLONEGAME started production of Second Galaxy three years ago. For a mobile game, it is not easy to make it into an RPG game with a huge world and a high degree of player freedom. Previously, many other developer’s attempts were limited to sticking with a fantasy theme. Meanwhile, EVE Online focused on updating their PC games, which has not yet been made into a mobile game. The launch of Second Galaxy later this year will fill this gap of mobile MMORPGS with a sci-fi theme. Second Galaxy will finally start a true intergalactic war game theme for mobile devices.

Speaking of war, the core gameplay of the Second Galaxy is massive battles. As seen in our beta tests, aside from star gates and wormhole entrances, many other places are free PVP zones. In the future, players can expect a lot of combat in mission areas, space stations, within wormholes and other resource heavy areas.

The large number of PVP battles led to the creation of the legion system. Legions are a relatively tight group of players that fight for a common interest. In our previous beta test, due to the lack of players participating in the test and development of this system itself, the legion system is still being tested. The experience and communication between players and legion leaders have not reached our expectations yet. The research and development team is working on optimizing the system for leaders to command and participate in legion battles. Our goal is to further improve the controls and experience of the legion battle, especially when facing a huge group of enemies.

The weapons and armaments players equip in the battle is the core element of whether the battle can be won or not. In Second Galaxy, there are a wide variety of battleships, from fast and light to slow and bulky. Different battleships satisfy different combat requirements. At the same time, players also need to consider the choice of weapons. Weapons, such as particle cannons, which have a short firing range and high rate of fire, are more suitable for warships engaged in close combat and less effective for long-range combat. Missiles and magnetic rail guns are more suitable for warships engaged in long range attacks. For a proper legion, the role of each player and combination of ships will determine the outcome of the battle.

Second Galaxy is the first true interstellar science fiction MMORPG on mobile. Let’s join the Second Galaxy and enlist in a real intergalactic war.

Second Galaxy’s official Facebook page and Reddit sections are available right now. The game will release in just a few days and if you are interested in Second Galaxy please join the discussion on these official sites.


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