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Tor Exsul Zone Preview

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Tor Exsul

The harsh, xeric frontiers of Tor Exul test the mettle of settlers and soldiers alike. Located due south of Allemantheia, Tor Exsul conceals many secrets…and considerable dangers. Outlaw devas raid the town of Elenea, deadly arachnens tread the sands, and a whole host of demons await anyone foolish enough to venture into the canyons alone.

Dotted with verdant oases and enriched with blood and tears, Tor Exsul offers a glimpse into Val Elenium's past and future. Arachnens patrol the red gulches, serving the intricate plans of Arachne. More frightening, perhaps, are the alliances struck by the arachnens. Cruel Lokians from Thulsa's dreaded Tenebrara Legion work alongside the arachnens, searching the province for...something.

Nature's threats are just as real. That piece of shade might be a respite from the heat—or it might be a lurking storm lizard's tail. Wherever there's water, there's life, but only the ruthless survive in the desert wastes.

Behind the forbidding walls of Blood Valley, Killian's minions lurk. Teraliths, demons, and Lokians guard the entrance to the Jester's Villa.

The Mysterium's best inquisitors set up research sites in the midst of Tor Exsul, ignoring the threats all around them. Whispers of relics, tomes of ancient lore, and puzzling maps point the way to something, but what? The Valkyon Federation's dispatched some of its best soldiers to protect the arcane researchers and aid them in their quest. Whatever the prize is, it's worth fighting for.

Ancient secrets await those tough—or cunning—enough to uncover them. The first to find them might well control the fate of the world....


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