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Atlantica Online Dev Journal: Tips for

Atlantica Online's Kim Tae Gon writes another new developer journal. This time, he's giving us some pointers on how we can become more strategic Altnatica Online players.

They say that if you know yourself and your enemy, you will come out of a hundred battles unscathed. The key to becoming a better player in Atlantica is no different; it’s all about understanding the nuances of Atlantica Online, such as positioning, maneuvering and taking advantage of your enemy’s weaknesses. But that’s easier said than done right?

For players new to Atlantica Online, it is highly recommended that you avoid the many shortcuts we provide for convenience sake—especially for PvP—and learn the intricacies that make Atlantica the deep, strategic game it is. Firstly, avoid using the Auto-Battle system full-time. As hard as we worked on the Auto-Battle system, it won’t replicate the human player. The only way you can improve your strategic sense is through lots of first-hand encounters and hands-on experience.

It’s okay if you lose your first few battles; it sets you up for the ensuing battles. You will have plenty of opportunities to learn and grow through trial and error as you encounter more opponents. So join a lot of battles! And you don’t have to wait for Free Leagues or Weekly Tournaments to test your might and mettle. Take advantage of the Challenge feature and duel your fellow players and show them what you’re made of! But admittedly so, you will find the best of the best in the tournaments we hold in Atlantica Online. Don’t think you’re up to the challenge yet? Don’t worry, because you’ll learn a lot more getting beat by a great player than by beating a poor player.

If you insist on learning from the bench, another effective method for players to get a better understanding of combat is to simply take advantage of the Observation feature, a feature that allows players to observe the battles of others. What’s great about the Observation feature is that it allows players watch the best of the best and learn the strategies they utilize to be victorious. You may even learn to incorporate some of their tricks into your own battle plan.

We also mentioned previously that a great strategic aspect of Atlantica Online is its Mercenary system because it allows players to construct their squad based on the skills, strengths and weaknesses of each mercenary. We currently have 21 mercenaries for players to work with, with many more to come. So it allows for many types of builds, each with its own set of strategies. To encourage players to experiment with various builds, we’ve recently implemented a mercenary rental system, which allows players to easily test out the different mercenaries we have in game. So make sure you hire all the mercenaries and train them! You never know which mercenary might end up needing to carry you past your enemy.

Now that you have your squad in order, you have to maneuver tactically to gain the advantage. Learn to guard when you have to, and retreat to the back if you are low on health. Learn when to attack and with whom. Plan accordingly and you will be ensured victory.

A lot of what we covered are tips to becoming a better PvPer, but the reason is we took this approach is because once you’ve mastered the combat system of Atlantica Online, the same strategies apply in PvE. However, if you are still struggling to win, make sure you enchant and enhance your equipment. Make sure your character is upgraded, and don’t be afraid to use scrolls in battle. And if that doesn’t work, take advantage of the forums. Open dialogue and discuss the different builds and formations. Talk about the tactics and strategies players use or discuss the pros and cons of having each mercenary on your squad. Players will be more than happy to help their fellow Atlantians!


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