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Three Days Left! A Letter from the CEO (Sponsored)

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Hi Adventurers! 

First, a big THANK YOU to all our current backers on all levels! We've seen a lot of support for a game that was revealed only a few weeks ago. That being said, we are still a good distance from our goal.

In my opinion, a good development team will listen to the gamers, decide on the relevance and accuracy of the message, and if needed make changes.

Well, we've received lots of feedback from both "backers" and "would be backers". After listening to the Lux community, I want to touch on a few of those key topics as well as announce some changes. These changes will go into effect in the next few hours.

Rooting Out Traces of Pay-to-Win

The most common statement I've seen personally is that Lux appears to be Pay-to-Win, because of high cost exclusive pledge rewards. Our intention was not to create a pay-to-win environment but to give ample incentive to backers. Our original plan did include ways from player to earn similar items and character over time, but that message got lost somewhere along the line.


In order to help drive this message home, we are converting the "Exclusive Kickstarter only characters" into "Start with [Character] Unlocked!" ALL characters from pre-orders will be available for unlock through in-game actions, although it may be extremely challenging or time consuming. This includes the 3 character we have in the Kickstarter (J[]nk, Basalt, and Spook) as well as other special characters we'll add in later. We understand that those pledging at higher levels may have mixed feelings here, but please give the rest of the letter a read before making any final judgements.

  • Players will start the game with a half dozen characters to choose from, as well as any "Pre-Unlocked" Characters.

We understand that some of the higher priced tiers may have prevented potential backers from getting a character that they really wanted. For example, if someone didn't want J[]nk but LOVED Spook they would've had to shell out $500. After thinking long and hard about this, we are bringing the "Pre-Unlocked" characters down to three equally priced $30 tiers, while the updated $50 tier gives early access to all three.


All armors, weapons, accessories, mystic gems, consumables, etc. received as part of a backer reward ARE obtainable at some point in the game. Again, it may be extremely challenging or time consuming to get some of this equipment.


These are Pre-Order exclusives. (Does not effect game balance.)


These are Pre-Order exclusives. (Does not effect game balance.)


We're adding a H.U.S.K. to the $100 pledge reward tier. This will allow players to start the game with a basic training H.U.S.K. to pilot.


Statues, Shrines, Lore Artifacts, Made into an NPC or Weapon, etc. all remain the same and continue to be higher tier Pre-Order exclusives.

Funding for Alpha Build v0.102  

We are getting lots of requests for a playable demo or access to Alpha. I want to stress to the gaming community that Lux is still in early development and, while we are actively working on ways to make this game happen without Kickstarter, funding is critical. To bring you a feature rich game, we need support.

Once funded, we should be able to give players closed beta access within a few months(Without the funding we have no set timeline.) We have a lot to go if we want to hit our $200k goal, but we're going to see this campaign through.

If we can continue to see backer numbers increasing in a big way, we have investors who will add over $1MM to Lux.

This will allow us to delivery the game we envision and cover all stretch goals in the campaign, but we need them to see how excited people are for Lux!

Help Lux get funded here: http://LuxKickstarter.com

Thanks and I'll see you in Noch, Nathan Levine - Chimera Games


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