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The Way of Elsword

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Hey Gang, “Prelude” month keeps on rolling this week as we unveil another new gameplay system and a precursor to next month’s big announcement. This time the beneficiary is none other than Elsword, our resident namesake. Elsword’s new system is called “Way of the Sword” and it’s shaping up to have a huge impact on both PvP and dungeons runs. In many ways, it’s even more revolutionary than “Raven’s Rage”.

You might recall Prelude Month began with Raven’s Rage, the first of the two new character-focused gameplay systems for November. Raven’s Rage gave the shadowy and reluctant hero, Raven, a new way to conquer foes by summoning a lethal Nasod Core that aids with special piercing and shielding attacks.

In contrast, “Way of the Sword” has even more depth. Here’s how it works. Elsword gains a brand new sword meter that fills up as he damages foes. When it reaches max level, he unlocks two special modes with new powers, “Destruction Mode” and “Vitality Mode”.  All his attacks, including special moves, are now categorized as either Destruction or Vitality attacks. By focusing on Destruction attacks, you can fill the meter red and enter Destruction Mode. In that mode, Destruction attacks deal more damage and you can enter a super armored state.

But here’s the catch. You have to stay away from Vitality attacks or Destruction Mode will switch off! Vitality attacks charge the meter up with blue energy on your way to unleashing Vitality Mode. In Vitality Mode, your speed increases, Vitality attacks use less MP, and you gain MP more quickly from attacking or being attacked. But, as you might have guessed, you need to restrict yourself to Vitality attacks or you’ll drop out of Vitality Mode.

Best yet, unlike Raven’s Rage, Way of the Sword is a different system than Awakening, meaning Elsword’s Awakening remains powerful and unchanged as is. Way of the Sword is a new addition.  So you can see, Way of the Sword introduces awesome new power for those who choose their attacks carefully and deliberately. So which attacks are Vitality and which are Destruction? Stay tuned for the full rundown, this Wednesday, November 21. 

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