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The Warrior Class

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The Chronicles of Spellborn: Warrior Class Developer Journal

Editor's Note: This is the first in a series of journals that explain the classes of The Chronicles of Spellborn. In this article, composed by the Chronicles of Spellborn dev team, we learn about some warrior classes.

In this new three part series we take a look at the different player classes in The Chronicles of Spellborn (TCoS). In this installment we look at the three warrior classes; the Blood Warrior, the Champion and the Furyhammer. The warriors of TCoS must be much more then damage absorbing tanks. Keeping overall control in battle and protecting friends is part of the warrior's every day job.

Every class in TCoS has 3 basic attributes. The character’s primary attribute is defined by the class archetype, and the secondary attribute is determined by the 3 classes within each archetype. The third attribute has a small impact on the player's statistics and has no impact on any class specific statistics and skills. The primary attribute for the warrior archetype is 'Body'. The body attribute impacts many of the class’s basic statistics and allows the warrior to use basic body-related skills.

Each warrior class can use the basic body-related warrior skills when they reach the appropriate level. Some examples of archetype skills include:

Break Defense Does minor damage and lowers opponent's melee & ranged resistances.
Charge Increase physique for a short duration.
Piercing Shot Does moderate damage to up to three targets and ignores resistances.

The secondary attribute differs for each of the specific warrior classes and is used to differentiate the class within the class archetype. More information about attribute statistics can be found in this article.

The Warrior Classes - The Blood Warrior

The Blood Warrior is considered the ultimate ‘tank’. Blood Warriors have superior defensive abilities than the other two warrior classes, at the cost of some offensive power. The Blood Warrior has many personal buffs, most of these are personal buffs focusing on damage mitigation.

Blood Warriors are able to create a link between themselves and either a friend or a foe. If the link is made with an ally, the Blood Warrior will act as a bodyguard for that specific character. If the link is made with a foe the Blood Warrior can redirect incoming damage to an enemy.

Taking damage is the primary source for the offensive abilities of the Blood Warrior. As the Blood warrior grows in power he will be able to make additional links to friends and foes, thus increasing his defensive or offensive abilities.

The Blood Warrior receives many combat skills that focus on establishing blood links and using them effectively. Other class skills focus on armed combat.

Uniting Strike Deal damage to target and create blood link with target.
Violent Cut Off Deal damage to all blood links and remove all blood links.
Last Resort Reduces Life to 1, does equal damage to all blood linked targets.

In addition to unique class skills for each class, each character can use unique class-related buff items slots called 'body slots'. These buff items are used to aid the player in battle or provide additional unique skills that can further increase the effects of combat. Only one body slot can be active at any one time but players can easily switch between body slots during combat.

The Blood Warrior's body slots can be filled with 'scars'. The scars need to be crafted by buying specific recipes at a vendor and harvesting the needed resources. At certain levels new body slot recipes become available.

Body slot example:

Graidlon's Scar Increase body attribute.

Body slot skill example:

Scarred Blade Deals damage depending on current scar.

The Warrior Classes – The Champion

The Champion is an adherent to the ways of the ancestors and as such a Champion has the ability to use their knowledge of the past to channel the spirits of warriors long-fallen. They are unrivaled in their skill in arms due to their inheritance of the knowledge possessed by the ancestral spirits they command.

Champions allow ancestral spirits to posses them in order to unleash their unique fighting abilities. Certain spirits grant buffs to the entire group while active or cause havoc when a Champion transfers the spirit possession to enemies.

Decapitate Extreme damage, but concentration (attack speed) debuff on start. Concentration refund if the skill hits.
Spirit Pull Summon target in front of player. The target becomes possessed by the Champion's currently active spirit. The Champion can't use the possessed spirits for the duration the target is possessed.

’Spirits cells’ can be used in the Champion's body slots. Each spirit cell can contain a captured spirit from an ancestral warrior that can be 'released' during combat. Champions can purchase level-restricted Spirit cell recipes at vendors. The resources needed to complete the spirit cell recipe can most of the time be found as drops from named mobs in the Ancestor world.

Body slot example:

Spirit Guardian All units in the Area of Effect (AoE) receive increased spirit resistance and decreased soul and rune resistance.

Body slot skill example:

Spirit Storm Sets all body slots to inactive and does extreme AoE damage.
Spirit Strike Melee Strike enhanced with spirit magic. Target receives an additional debuff based on active Spirit.

The Warrior Classes – The Furyhammer

Practitioners of martial combat, Furyhammers are gifted with a variety of powerful methods of sight. Their special vision is very useful under the proper circumstances. They make excellent leaders and are often found commanding forces in battle.

The Furyhammer has few armed skills. Most of the offensive skills of the Furyhammer are unarmed fighting skills. The Furyhammer will be able to stun and slow opponents, making him a more tactical class then the Champion class.

Forceful Kick Does Moderate Damage and greatly lowers target physique for 5 secs.
Head Butt Does Moderate Damage and slightly lowers concentration on player. Greatly reduces concentration on the target.
Kick Up Dust Kick dust into the eyes of the opponent. Reduces target's concentration.

The Furyhammers body slots can be filled with 'soulgems'. Soulgems grant the Furyhammer powerful personal buffs.

Body slot example:

Tlykarxu's Focus Player is immune to concentration effects. The player experiences a temporary altered vision.

Body slot skill example:

Unfaltering Gaze Character gains morale (damage output) for each visible target in front of the Furyhammer. For a short time, the Furyhammer loses morale when hit.

Please note; All skill and body slot examples named in this article are subject to change during the beta test phase.

In the next article we will take an in-depth look at the caster classes. See you then!

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