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The Van Gogh Dungeon

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Continuing in the mold of building and establishing a parallel Earth brimming with historical culture and lore, this newest addition to Atlantica Online expands the universe as we continue to take a page out of history. Players can already traverse the globe and visit real-world locales such as the Great Pyramid of Egypt and the Great Wall of China. Or if they’re not too keen on sight-seeing, players can meet and take quests from historical figures from the likes of King Tut and Beowulf to the great modern inventor, Henry Ford.

In the next major content update, we introduce a brand new dungeon heavily influenced by the great, yet troubled Post-Impressionist artist, Vincent Van Gogh (be forewarned though, it will contain some spoilers). And it is the tragic-hero nature of his curious, yet influential life that we want to share with our players, not only because it makes great content, but because it also adds to the plethora of historical events in Atlantica Online. While a lot of the quests have been historical fiction thus far, much of the events in this dungeon are based on actual occurrences—like his letters to his brother Theo, as a matter of fact. So it is a very different approach as players will find themselves learning about an influential figure through an uncommon medium.

The Vincent Van Gogh dungeon, called the Van Gogh Gallery will be a level 124 zone located near Paris, in a small town called Auvers-sur-Oise, where some of his most famous paintings were completed. There, you will see a familiar landscape as you cross a bridge to The Church at Auvers, one of Van Gogh’s later, and more recognizable, paintings.

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Here, you will come across the NPC Joseph Roulin—art savvy players will recognize him as the Postman portrayed by Van Gogh during his stay in Arles. After a short conversation with the Postman, you learn that it has been a few years since Van Gogh’s passing, and that something strange has been occurring around the Church at Auvers. There’s something amuck at the church, and it is up to you to figure out what is going on.

Upon entrance at the Church at Auvers, players will see that the church has been turned into a gallery of real-life works of art by Van Gogh. The church will also have four wings that will lead players to different parts of the dungeon, where three of which are actually re-creations of other Van Gogh paintings. The aforementioned three dungeons are called the Café Terrace, the Langlois Bridge and the Arles Hospital, all named after his famous paintings.

You will eventually make the acquaintance of Marguerite Gachet, the daughter of Dr. Paul Gachet, the doctor most famous for treating Van Gogh during the later stages of his life. Throughout the journey, she will guide you through the conflicted mind of Van Gogh, and as you hop through one painting to another, it is revealed that the effects of the mysterious substance called the Oriharukon may have affected his health.

A lot of research went into studying the letters Vincent wrote to his brother Theo, revealing great insight into the life of Van Gogh, and we wanted to share his life with the players. As you unearth the mysteries behind the life of Van Gogh, we hope the journey through the small town in France will have you wanting to learn more about the great artist.


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