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The Triad Faction and Boss Screens

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For many years, the Bratva and the Dragons were engaged in conflict over numerous enterprises in Downtown, including smuggling, gambling and prostitution. Before the collapse, the organizations had engaged in numerous wars and blood feuds, and the previous leadership of the Dragons had sworn an eternal vendetta against all Bratva. This was the predominate thinking in the daily lives of members of the Dragons for many years, and even persisted in the early period after the collapse. However, as life became harder and harder for everyone, there were those among the Dragons who believed that something needed to change.

Chief among these individuals was Saicho Kazugai, leader of the Dragons. In the post-collapse world, he had come to believe that maintaining poor relations with the Bratva, even all the Families, would only ensure the demise of everyone and their organizations. When the opportunity arose to negotiate a partnership with the Families, he took it, ensuring his organization a place at the table and a way to keep the good life going.

Not all of Kazugai's inner circle agreed with this, least of all the aged Zhou Ming-Tai, whose life with the Dragons began during a particularly bloody war with the Bratva. Mr. Zhou, also known as "The Tiger", spent his many years looking for ways to finally defeat the Bratva, so the efforts of his much younger boss infuriated him. Charismatic and outspoken, Mr. Zhou appealed to the honor of many senior leaders in the Dragons and succeeded in winning converts to his perspective: that no matter the circumstance, the eternal vendetta against the Bratva must continue.

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The current Triad organization is the outgrowth of this split within the Dragons. Disgusted by the Partnership between the Families and the Municipality, the Triads have cut themselves off from their Dragon brethren, designating them traitors to be eliminated along with all those with whom they cooperate. Taking on the mantle of the dismantled Triad organization, they operate as a feudal organization, holding honor and loyalty to the organization highest among all things.

The Triads operate in the shadows of the city, focused on one day taking over the Dragons organization and bringing all of Sunrise City to heel under their thumb. Better organized than the Rogues, they have also made use of contacts stolen from the Dragons to ensure that they remain well-supplied, even though they primarily operate outside the walls. In short, the Triads, well-supplied and well-trained, are making war upon Sunrise City and will not stop until everything within belongs to them, for that, as Mr. Zhou has said, is the only way to cleanse the stain of dishonor inflicted by Kazugai and the Dragons.

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