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The Story Continues With Swords of Legends Online Update 1.1 (SPONSORED)

Biggest Update So Far Coming To Swords of Legends Online

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A call to arms can be heard throughout the land of Shenzhou as the first major content update to come to Swords of Legends Online launches! The Update Contains a New Chapter Continuation of the Story, a Brand-New Area, New Quest Lines and Raids, New PvP Modes, Level Skip, and Much More

The Forbidden Court update contains the first new story update since the launch of Swords of Legends Online. The new Chapter will take yout to an all-new zone, the Floral Palace, packed with new quests and content, and a unique world boss to challenge. Seldom seen by outsiders, the Floral Palace is shrouded in mystery, protected by the spiritual power of the firestones. Surrounded by a dense, mountainous realm, its lush forests and tranquil rivers are teeming with flowers and spirits. Inside the palace lies a rich history, centered around the family who once called it home. The two masters of the Floral Palace, highly respected by those around them, each met with a terrible fate. But why? Discover the secrets that lie hidden within the halls of the Floral Palace, and continue to unravel the larger tapestry that is Swords of Legends Online.

In Battle in the Sands, one of the new PvP modes, 20 players compete across two-stage matches. The first stage is a five-minute free-for-all, where you can rack up points by slaying other warriors. At certain points in the battle, a monster stone will spawn. Picking it up will turn a player into a monster in the second stage of the match. After the first five minutes are up, the players will be split into two teams of 10, each with a monster in their group—if no one on a team picked up the monster stone, the player with the highest score in the previous stage will become the monster. In order to win the match, the teams of 10 must now race to be the first to pick up three healing runes, or have the most healing runes after 10 minutes. Runes change their location on the map every minute.

You can also join other players from your alliance in the The Fifty Islands of Chuyun to track down numerous celestial and terrestrial treasures and defeat your opponents. This map can be entered during the week to gather materials required for the alliances to participate in the GvG battles, in which major sieges and hellish warfare are the order of the day.

Also New to Update 1.1:

  • Level Skip: Players who have reached max level now can create a new character at end-game level, allowing them to catch-up on new content without missing a beat!
  • Memory Box: Replay old scenarios in the form of memory trials! Unlock this feature using Memory Fragments—the amount you spend will dictate the difficulty level—and challenge any dungeon you’ve already played through. The player who starts the challenge will be directly rewarded, while other participants will receive Cangying Pearls that can be traded for rewards later.
  • Improved Class Balancing: The new update also brings class balancing improvements to the game. You’ve been waiting for these adjustments, especially with an eye to PvP, and now here they come.
  • Even more PvP: You can also look forward to a new PvP season in Swords of Legends Online: This will begin shortly after the launch of The Forbidden Court, and you’ll be able to continue climbing the ranks and earning awesome rewards!
  • Additional Features: Side quests will be fleshed out with more lore through new biographies, added furniture will give players more home customization options, and the Golden Sun Cage—a new mini-game—will add more fun and variety to the game. There will also be extensive adjustments to class balancing.


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