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The Skies: Reborn Comes To Steam November 12th (SPONSORED)

Free-to-play reboot of the 2016 The Skies

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In a post-apocalyptic world, how will you conquer the wasteland? The Skies: Reborn sets you in an innovative sandbox world, designed to give you and your friends free reign to forge your own path in a world devastated.

Set in the beginning of the 21st century, settlers of the world noticed increased solar activity. Within two weeks all of civilization had crumbled, leaving only the wasteland. With temperatures on the Earth’s surface becoming unbearably hot, people were forced down underground.

Now, in the 2070s, the world is cooling enough for people to emerge from their subterranean worlds to rebuild the wasteland. Players will find themselves in a world where they will have to compete and work together in order to survive the sandbox that is The Skies: Reborn.

Some key features of the upcoming MMORPG:

  • Huge game world: Players will be able to explore a massive sandbox – 12KM squared worth of land to explore, build and farm for your clan
  • Unique character leveling: Build your character how you want to play, with the freedom to develop your character based on your style of gameplay.
  • PvP Action, including Clan Wars: Compete against other players, hunting them down as a lone wolf or with a group of friends. Or you can join your friends in a clan and capture special locations with access to generators and establish clan bases to make yourself more powerful in the wasteland.
  • Deep crafting system: Build up the world with a unique system to craft, arm yourself with modern equipment, trade in a full player driven economy, and more.

A new version of the 2016 Early Access MMORPG, The Skies: Reborn seeks to give new players a fresh start, as well as address some of the issues older fans of the game might have had with the previous iteration. The game client itself has been vastly improved the game client, and continues to iterate and optimize it more and more creating a much more stable MMO experience.

The Skies: Reborn

Coming to Steam on November 12th as a free-to-play MMORPG, we have ambitious plans for The Skies: Reborn post launch, including adding new weapons such as the Mortar and Flamethrower, as well as upgrading the crafting system to include new perks and allow for multiple crafting queues at once. Additionally, the physics surrounding vehicles is being redesigned, as well as the ability to put multiple people in a vehicle at once!

If you’ve played The Skies before and liked the potential, then The Skies: Reborn is the next MMORPG for you. So come November 12th, are you strong enough to find your place under the scorching sun?


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