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The Red Knight Returns to Elrios

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Hey Gang, the Elsword team is here to introduce, by royal decree, the Captain of the Velder Knights, the leader of the Grand Chase, the Red Haired knight… Elesis.

She carries the honor of herald to the Velder war-banner and master of the family sword skill. The Red Haired Knight set out to become the best warrior that the land of Velder had ever seen. She mastered the martial traditions taught by her father quickly; all while incorporating a fiery skill of her own. Stopping at nothing to reach her true potential, she became Captain of the Velder Knights.

Elesis realizes the vast, looming darkness on the horizon, and knows that it is time to go home. Reunited with Elsword, her younger brother and apprentice, Elesis takes on the impending demon invasion that threatens Elrios with reckless abandon.

As the 8th playable character in Elsword, Elesis is the first female melee fighter. Though there are some characters that use a hybrid melee style already. Elesis is a dedicated, melee brawler of the first degree. Brandishing the seemingly unstoppable fire and Claymore combination, she utilizes a very mobile, aggressive and hard-hitting combat style.

Elesis brings a very familiar and unique spin to more advanced melee combat as well. Her “Chivalry” system is played very similarly the Elsword’s “Way of the Sword”. Players can use skills and power attacks that fill either the “Gale” or “Annihilation” gauge, and once either gauge is filled, Elesis is then empowered with specific buffs from the chosen path. If you wish to change from Gale to Annihilation or vice-versa, just use the attacks and skills that fill that particular gauge, then “Presto!” ~ instant carnage.    

Elesis is both easy to use yet amazingly multidimensional at the same time. Her ability to rack high-count combos is startling, and the focused, melee damage output is brutal. With simple, forward controls and the plenty of room for advanced operation, she’s great fun for both Elsword first-comers and veteran players alike; easily one of the hardest hitters in the game.

However, the battle wrought fields of Elsword aren’t where Elesis originally cut her teeth. Elesis is also the leader of the ragtag band of heroes in the award winning, side-scrolling brawler Grand Chase! Since the beginning, Elesis has been a staple on the Grand Chase global PvP stage. She’s one of the most popular characters in the game. And, for the first time in MMO history, a title character is making a “Grand”, playable appearance in another MMO.

Now that KOG Games will be developing and servicing Grand Chase as well, this is some great news and an epic homecoming to remember. Although… Elesis seems to have brought some friends and an entire universe home with her. What does this mean for the future of Elsword and Grand Chase? You’ll have to stick around to find out. 

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