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The Labyrinth of Terror

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Labyrinth of Terror

En Masse Entertainment has partnered with MMORPG.com to bring our readers the first look at the TERA Labyrinth of Terror. The Labyrinth of Terror is a high level dungeon ruled over by Killian and his minions.

If Thulsa claims most of Lorcada, then the Labyrinth of Terror belongs to Killian. In this instance dungeon for high-level players (with an extra hard mode), players must wind their way through the labyrinth, battling Killian’s favored servants, plus the chaos mistresses and Sihranar mercenaries that have rallied to Killian’s side. Killian’s minions reflect his twisted sense of amusement; they’re jesters and musicians who treat murder and torture as entertainment.

You’ll also encounter zuulhounds, arachnens, and a contingent of argons (raising some intriguing questions about Killian’s loyalty). And at the labyrinth’s end, you’ll clash against Killian’s head jester, a murderer responsible for the death and mutilation of the amani Kanmur, Kaiator’s greatest commander.


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