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The King's Dispute Has Been Upgraded! (SPONSORED)

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Updated Art Design! New Naval Warfare Map Is Coming!

Since being launched, Clash of Kings, as the representative product of SLG, has been welcomed and supported by players from all over the world with its innovative and the interactive gameplay that allows players from all over the world to play in the same server. Featuring beautiful, realistic, profound, western fantasy styled art that is highly enthralling for gamers, players even awarded it as the most beautiful SLG war mobile game. Now, Clash of Kings has cultivated a large-scaled adjustment and optimization focusing on art design updates, enriching the game with a different visual treat for global CoK players. Clash of Kings is available in the iOS App Store and Google Play store. Try now!

New aesthetic Art Design

Based on the previous background of medieval times, Clash of Kings also added Western fantasy style that is popular all over the world, resulting in a new and magnificent CoK world for players to immerse themselves within. In addition to the new UI, more refined and beautiful design style, there is also a new Naval Warfare loading map, new animated CG, and modified and optimized UE interaction. We hope to create a better sense of operation experience for players.

Every frame of the game is carefully depicted, and every inch of the land of the Kingdom is full of vitality. Among them, the art designers have carried out a wide range of modifications and optimizations on the scenes. For example, the in-castle map of the Dragon-born is modified and optimized on different extents. The main buildings have also been redesigned and re-produced.

Dragon-born in-castle scene (Old version)

Dragon-born in-castle scene (New version)

Embassy (Old version)

Embassy (new version)

Main interface (Old version)

Main interface (New version)

Naval Warfare Picture

The profound and mature art style of the game

Clash of Kings has been produced for 5 years. Our work on improving the art design requires the support of advanced technology. To provide players with some transparency we should be responsible for it, as advancing and enhancing visual elements in game design comes with risks. After improving the art design, there might be issues relating to the transition between the old version and the new version.

We also are unsure whether there will be some issues such as unknown bugs, a larger sized install package, and others. We did consider the question: Should we just give up a chance to provide a new visual experience for players and limit the wonder and joy which will come from evolving the art experience of the game just because of fear of taking risks? No! We  have decided to improve and have successively released art design optimization plans of multiple versions. Our art developers have  worked intensively making this magic happen with our technicians and developers. The task involved modifying the art designs from version to versions, each step taken to give players a more pleasing gameplay experience. Finally, artistic effects have been greatly improved and we will continue to improve the artistic content of Clash of Kings.

As for game characters, we have redrawn the portraits of Lords and Heroes. In addition to being more beautiful, we added limbs and facial expressions to make them more vivid and natural. We have put in countless hours into re-creating all the monsters and boss models and materials. Their previous animation was dull in action providing only one direction. Their current action moves around in four directions at random. It looks more natural and vivid.

Female Lord (Old version)

Female Lord (New version)

Male Lord (Old version)

Male Lord (New version)

This art adjustment and optimization of CoK took several months. From the scene to the character's appearance, all the art designs are carefully planned and polished by the painters. Finally, this piece of artwork will be presented to our vast players and the fantasy of the game experience enriched by visual art design and unparalleled detail.  With these visual upgrades, we hope all players will enjoy the 5th  Anniversary celebration!


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