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The Iron Tower

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The grim Iron Tower stood apart from the citadel, amid a maze of narrow streets and crowding houses where the meaner structures, appropriating a space from which the more fastidious shrank, had invaded a portion of the city ordinarily alien to them. The Tower was in reality a castle, an ancient, formidable pile of heavy stone and black iron, which had itself served as the citadel in an earlier, ruder century. - Robert E. Howard, The Hour of the Dragon

From the hands of Conan himself the Iron Tower was founded as a prison of civil confinement for the most malicious and vile criminals within Aquilonia. Murders, thieves and other deviant corrupted souls are here awaiting their unforseen judgement before the hands of Mitra.

The Iron Tower brings the final chapter from the epic story of Tarantia Common District. This closure introduces a vast amount of new and challenging game play including four new epic boss encounters, five mini-boss encounters, the chance of five rare boss encounters, and many new exciting rewards for levels 78 to 80.

Towering over the rooftops below, The Iron Tower can be seen from anywhere in the Tarantia Commons District. Previously inaccessible for players on the Age of Conan servers, the new dungeon is now opening up for adventurers with who dare to face the many challenges within.

A new challenge

The Iron Tower is a level 78 and up group dungeon that lies in the heart of the commons district and functions as the climax of the epic story from Tarantia Commons. Players pick up from where the story ended in the commons between the conflict with the Wharf Rats, Crows and Daughters. Much like the first chapter, the developers wanted to throw the players head first into the storyline and both offer some closure to the story as well some new challenges to indoor encounters.

The tower hosts some of Aquilonia's most vile criminals while also entwining them into the plot. As you journey through the tower you will notice that the difficulties of the content scales depending on what level your currently at in the tower. In addition, you'll also want to take notice our new approach to the content and how the AI uses their classes. As you go higher up the tower your opponents will use more abilities and reflect what type of classes they are in different ways. This will help add diversity and allow more utilization on what classes you should bring to the fight than what we've done before.

One of the key characters from the previous chapter that you'll encounter will be Anoki the Scourge and leader of the Daughters. She is back and she has bribed the guards from the commons district to act as her personal guard If you try to follow her trail then you will have to fight corrupt guards and a sadistic Executioner with his power to force his will on others causing them to hurt themselves.

Higher up in the the tower you will encounter Anoki's Officers who have freed prisoners and started a riot. Apparently Anoki is trying to free a mysterious Prisoner but she can't get to him as he is guarded by a strange cult that have formed around a priest of Mitra who calls himself Desumo. Gossip has it that he is here on his own free will in order to see that no one even gets close to the prisoner. Not only is he personally guarding the only way to the prisoner but it seems he has set up various defense mechanisms that will pose an interesting challenge to all that enter

Exciting encounters

The Iron Tower dungeon is full of new and exciting experiences, and players can expect several dramatic new encounters such as:


The executioner is a sick minded bastard with the power to impose his will to others and causing them to inflict pain on themselves. When battling the Executioner we basically tried to show this mental state of his while trying to sacrifice a few players with deadly torture instruments that we all know and love. Players will have to beware of these devices in order to survive and teamwork is imperative in order to survive the iron maiden as well other lovely torture methods

Anoki the Scourge

Anoki is back and she is not a push over as everyone thinks she is Besides being a deadly assassin and the abilities to charm her foes out of combat, she can also call down the gods for healing as she dances on your corpse. In the heat of battle Anoki will call upon her dead officers and beging a ritual to destroy all who oppose her Players will have a great challenge on their hands both finding ways to defeat Anoki while avoiding her charming and stunning ways.


When word got back to Desumo that this mysterious Prisoner was incarcerated in the Iron Tower he gave up arms and volunteered to be a prisoner. Now put in place to guard this mysterious Prisoner, Desumo channels the power of his god into Pillars of Faith to strike down his enemies and prevent them from approaching his captive. But the long years have worn at his sanity and a single misstep could send him spiralling into madness.

All new rewards

Of course, facing the many challenges that the dungeon offers will definitely be rewarding should you manage to make it through alive. Most of the boss loot in the Iron Tower has brand-new and unique visuals that are distinguishable from what is already in the game. Here are some of the new rewards that players will find in the Iron Tower.

Plumed Helm of Divinity

51 wisdom, 25 constitution, 31 magic mana tap rating, 4.8 natural mana regenration, 166 mana

Grizzly Mask

135 combat rating, 56 strength, 42 constitution, 35 critical rating

Oraste's Robe

49 intelligence, 20 generic magic damage, 48 critical damage bonus, 41 constitution, 39 hit rating, 4.8 natural mana regeneration

Helm of Idra

72 constitution, 38 strength, 24 evade rating

Club of Larsha

35 wisdom, 32 generic magic damage, 38 critical rating, 33 hit rating, 26 magic mana tap rating.

More Content On the Way

The Iron Tower is one of many new dungeons that the Age of Conan developers have added to the game since launch. In the previous months the developers have also added other high-level dungeons such as Xibaluku and The Amphitheatre. In coming updates developers will be adding even more content to high level players, such as introducing tier three raiding in Thoth Amon's Stronghold - the lair of the ultimate Conan bad guy, Thoth Amon himself. This and more new content and features will be finding their way to Age of Conan soon.

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