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The Illuminati

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 “– it’s who you want to be and what you are willing to do to get there, that’s all that counts.”

The war will never end. Whatever form it takes whichever field it is on – the war for influence, knowledge and power rages on through the ages. The Illuminati know this, and they fight to win.

Since ancient times they have fought, learning every step of the way. Going all the way back from the construction of the pyramids to the present day, the Illuminati has put their industrious fingers on the scales of history, and shaped it in their image.

They have met both adversity and setbacks – most significantly being driven from Europe by their bitter Templar rivals. But the Illuminati rose from the ashes and made their claim on the New World, realizing the potential of the emerging super power.

New players approached by the Illuminati are persuaded to join for their own good. They must show their worth by finding subtle clues which can lead them through the streets of New York to the Illuminati’s hidden headquarters.

Before being allowed to join the secretive organization, they must undergo rigorous psychological tests, and recognize that once you are in there is no turning back. Only then will they be given access to the vast Illuminati resources, training and kick ass parties.

Let’s not kid ourselves however. The Illuminati is not one big happy family. It wants the players for their power and potential, and promises even more power in return. Be smart, be resourceful, be ruthless, and you will do well in the Illuminati.

You will get your guidance and instructions from the formidable Kirsten Geary. She will help you through the minefield that is Illuminati intrigue, but do not expect a warm motherly embrace from your mentor. There is little room for mistakes, and forgiveness is not a term recognized by most Illuminati.

As Illuminati you will not wander the lavish mansions of the Templars nor experience the chaotic freedom of the Dragon. Instead you become part of the focused and efficient Illuminati machinery, which cleverly hides its advanced technological advantages underground from prying eyes. Boardrooms, political campaigns and business meetings are the arenas of choice for the Illuminati, but when violence is called for they will not shrink from it. 

From the Illuminati’s base in New York, you will go forth into the rapidly changing world to do battle against the rising evil, and to make sure that no opportunities are missed or resources wasted in the long struggle against other secret societies.

Many think they know what the Illuminati is, when it started, its goals, its philosophy or who its members have been, but the real Illuminati laughs at these pathetic attempts at understanding. The true Illuminati is very different. The true Illuminati is so much more.

The Illuminati recognizes the importance of history, but does not dwell on the past. It’s ushering in the New World Order. The future is nothing but a bright frontier ready to be conquered and controlled.

Illuminati Ranking Mission - The Once and Future President

The Illuminati are the invisible puppet masters, manipulators of the status quo. They pull the strings of governments everywhere. Sometimes they use words to manipulate, sometimes threats. Every now and then they come across somebody who is apparently "incorruptible".

That is when the Illuminati are forced to take extreme measures.

The Back Story

Recently a young senator from Massachusetts has gained a huge political following. His record is spotless, his skills as an orator are unsurpassed and his ideals strike to the very heart of Middle America. In short, he is on the path to be the next president of the United States of America.

But there is a problem, because the Illuminati have no leverage with this man. They have no control and the one thing that the Illuminati crave is control.

The Illuminati Perspective

"With great power, comes great profit. And vice versa."

The player has been working for the Illuminati for a while and has earned a reputation as an instigator. Naturally, they are the right person for this kind of work.

The player receives a phone call while out in the field, detailing the location of the senator’s house in a quiet suburb of Boston. They are tasked with getting anything, anything at all, that the Illuminati can use for leverage.

When the player arrives at the location, it is a picture perfect snapshot of suburbia – White picket fences, a minivan in every driveway and the scent of freshly mowed grass in the air. The only oddity is the armed security force guarding one of the houses.

The player receives a new phone call - this time with the senator’s schedule. The first order of business for the senator is his daily jog. He leaves the house, and takes some of his security with him and it is down to the character to infiltrate the house and search for incriminating evidence.

Once inside the player needs to setup some covert surveillance equipment - cameras in the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. Now the player needs to rummage through the senator's belongings to find anything that might be of use.

And they do. A token marked with the symbol of the Dragon.

It's a trap.

This quiet suburb has become enemy territory. The streets are lined with police and security forces, tipped off that something was going down. Now the player must escape this trap before the jaws slam shut around them.

There are multiple ways to escape, through the sewers, over the rooftops or between the patrols. And the Illuminati have what they wanted, even if it almost cost them an agent. Information is power, and the Illuminati value power above all else.


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