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The Grim Reaper Comes

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Halloween is always a good time at Kill3rCombo HQ. Since we spend a lot of our time creating costumes for players to wear, it’s nice to slip on some costumes of our own. Meanwhile in the game, we’re always looking for new ways to add eerie charm to Elsword this time of year.

Granted, Elsword isn’t Silent Hill. We have our own style of spookiness and something brand new for this year’s ghoulish holiday. Imagine, you’re happily running dungeons, minding your own business, at least as far the underworld is concerned, then suddenly the screen grows dark, the mist pulls in, and you’re face to face with the unlife of the party, the grim reaper. Your weapons are useless. Only by transforming into a monster using a special Halloween potion can you harm him. So you better run, unless a member of your party has one of the potions. It’s creepy. It’s challenging. And best of all, you never know when he’s going to appear. Of course, he’s also kind of cute—but don’t let those good looks fool you.

Our grim reaper invasion is just the start of our Halloween treats. To add to the fearsome delights, our Halloween dungeon, which debuted last year, is back for a second helping and this time we’ve added all new beasts and bosses to keep you on your toes. We paid close attention to what players were saying about the Halloween dungeon and feedback was overwhelmingly positive. For those unacquainted, it’s a run through a spooky forest where pumpkin-headed bad guys and special holiday treasures await. So this Halloween, strap on your best gear and festive garb and get ready for some good and creepy dungeon running. 


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