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The Final Chapter in the Dungeons of Sander Epic

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The stage has been set in Elsword, and the final chapter of the war that threatens to level Sander Village to the ground begins. Our heroes will start off by pursuing the captors of the Wind Priestess only to find out that the ancient, wickedly powerful Succubus Queen Karis has been behind it all.

If the ominous, vast and lifeless desert that surrounds the champions of Elrios wasn’t enough to frighten even the most stalwart warrior, the thunderous wake of the colossal Behemoth will stir fear into the hardest of warrior hearts and scatter their spirits to the wind. The only option is to save the Wind Priestess by any means necessary.

Defeat the scariest foes that have ever been seen in Elsword in the 2 new dungeons, Sandtilus and the Heart of Behemoth, and become one of the greatest adventurers Sander has ever known


Take to the skies! The ancient and terrifying Behemoth has awakened by the evil Karis, spreading its wings and taking both the Wind Priestess and Karis with it. Begin the pursuit aboard the Caluso Tribe’s wind-powered ships. Rescue the Wind Priestess and stop the Behemoth from destroying the city.

Heart of Behemoth

Once you have caught up to the Behemoth and rescued the Wind Priestess, you wouldn’t let the true villain off the hook just the like that, would you? Enter the Behemoth! Go deep into the very core of the colossal Behemoth where you will meet the Succubus Queen Karis in her true, demonic form. Bring the villain to her demise. Sander and all of Elrios are counting on you!

Two new Fields will introduce a barren, perilous world for Elsword players to traverse:

  • Sandtilus Grave
  • Behemoth Crater
  • The level cap will be raised to 70!

Players asked, and KOG Games listened! Leveling will now be easier with reduced EXP requirements. KOG Games has decreased the experience points needed to move up in level at a quicker rate. This makes it possible for Elsword players to reach that coveted end-game level cap in less time.


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