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The Conqueror and Templar Class Evolutions

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For Aika, adding an expansion doesn't just mean new areas and quests. In Ashes of Betrayal, players will be able to PvP and PvE like never before with all-new class evolutions starting at level 51. Reaching the next tier will allow players to unlock powerful attacks, equip higher-level weaponry and armor, and customize their characters' stats with additional points for every level gained. The stat point system combined with Aika's flexible skill attack trees will let players create a nearly endless variety of unique character builds. Here, we'll examine new skills and new equipment for the two Fighter archetype classes: the Warrior and the Paladin.

Archetype: Fighter First Tier Class Name: Warrior Second Tier Evolution Name: Conqueror

At level 59, the Conqueror can learn the deadly area-of-effect attack known as Dragon Rage, an ability that perfectly embodies his brutal and relentless combat style. While the Warrior can use several different AoE attacks earlier in the game, these attacks cannot compare with Dragon Rage for pure damage output over a terrifying 6-meter radius. By dramatically strengthening the class's ability to decimate those around him, Dragon Rage will enhance the Conqueror's role as a melee DPS specialist.

Archetype: Fighter First Tier Class Name: Paladin Second Tier Evolution Name: Templar

The Templar is no less a devoted follower of the Great Goddess Aika than her lesser Paladin form, and so at level 51 she is able to learn the fearsome attack Blades of Aika. When initiating Blades of Aika, the Templar summons a relic dedicated to the Goddess which enables her to deal large amounts of damage to enemies within a 3-meter radius every second for at least 20 seconds. As the Paladin mainly specialized in defensive and tanking powers, the addition of Blades of Aika to this class's attack arsenal will expand the Conqueror's potential for both absorbing and dealing damage.


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