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The Becoming: The Trials of Nuada Part VII

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It’s been a long road for Nuada and for you, our readers, hasn’t it? His quest for redemption has almost come full circle. Upon returning to The Depths, he was surprised to discover that John and Nimue were still alive, and that his long-sought enemy, Bres, has been trapped by his desires. How many of us have been in a position similar to Bres'? Well, minus the whole magic and The Depths thing, of course. :)

Also, the merchant’s true nature was revealed in the previous tale, and the ability of The Depths to literally suck life force out of those who are connected to it is part of its power and role in the world.

Per all my comments regarding The Depths, it is a dark and very disturbing place. The revelation that both Nimue and John were being used as breeding machines to rebuild it fits in beautifully with the Lovecraft/Giger vibe I want us to be able to bring to life. This is indeed a very dark and disturbing place, and what these two have gone through is only one small part of what our players will find down there. Yes, it is dark, disturbing and graphic... and it only gets darker from there.

I hope that The Depths becomes a major part of the Camelot Unchainedexperience. Our players will be challenged not only through the expected PvP/RvR fun and frolic, but also by the place itself in some non-traditional ways. As the story has revealed, it is so much more than just a dungeon, and this, more than anything else, will make it fun. After all, it’s 2014, so doing a simple rehash of yesterday’s dungeons wouldn’t be a lot of fun, would it?

So, without further ado or gilding of the lily, it is time for the final part of Nuada’s trials to begin. Hope springs eternal within him, but will he fall flat on his face? It is now time to find out.

Thank you so much for taking the time to follow this story. I do hope you liked it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


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