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The Abyss Wants You To Play And Get Rewarded (SPONSORED)

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The Abyss is a gaming platform focused on online video games and RPG projects. It is geared not just for the developers who choose to list their game on there, but for the players who use The Abyss to find the right games for them.

The team behind the project has realized that the approaches used by the market leaders have a number of drawbacks – both for the player and the publisher. As more and more games are added to digital storefronts, it can be hard for developers to stand out, as well as gamers to see the titles that would truly interest them.

The Abyss has been under development since 2018 and has both single and multiplayer games, a library that keeps expanding.

The Abyss for the Gamer

Gamers are the greatest resource for all major gaming platforms – in fact, it’s as a “resource” modern game distribution platform view their consumers. Recommendations are based on shady algorithms that take players from one game to the next, oftentimes showing games that really don’t fit the desires of the gamer themselves.

The Abyss aims to have Gamers become partners with the platform. A referral program has been implemented, giving players a kickback for those who they invite and spend money on The Abyss. For example, a player who invites his friends to join any game on the platform, that player can receive up to 10% of money spent by referred players on games or in-game purchases on The Abyss. Effectively, this could mean you needn’t spend as much of your actual money on a game thanks to kickbacks based on your referrals.

This type of feature can be expanded upon further by creating clans, which allows clan-keepers or influencers to maintain a clan or channel with money generated by their own referral network. Additionally, The Abyss is developing its own communication features, both built-in solutions for voice chats as well as other functionality to let players communicate and coordinate in game, right from the platform.

“For any player who wants to check out The Abyss, we do have an early adopter program, and The Abyss team is open to any feedback that adopters can give to make the platform better”. — says Vladimir Kurochkin, President of The Abyss. — In the near future, all of this will allow us to create a custom, user-friendly infrastructure for fans of MMOs to create the best environment to enjoy the games you play. There is also a special program for early adopters which can allow them to buy games and in-game items up to 50% off (when using points earned from the referral network.)”

The Abyss for Developers

Developers and publishers need new distribution channels, especially those who develop in the free-to-play space. Developers and those who publish games need new ways to take control of their advertising and can help create the constant flow of players who allow these types of games to flourish. With the Epic Games Store or Steam, when players are directed to those platforms via a paid ad, all signs of the source are lost. As such, any developer who pays for an ad traffic does not see any metrics important to correctly and more efficiently optimize the ad to continue to bring in new players.

“The Abyss is a versatile gaming platform which doesn’t require exclusive rights. — says Vladimir Kurochkin. — The metrics and statistics that we provide are completely transparent for the publisher and game dev. We offer modern marketing tools to help optimize these ads. This means you can track traffic sources, create CPA offers, promotional pages, conduct your own advertising campaigns and more.”

Additionally, The Abyss offers a complete technology stack for developing, running and managing game projects without the need for third parties to get involved. As such, the platform affords publisher fast and smooth integration for their games.

Developers can also get into the referral action, especially if the game has a loyal fanbase. By bringing a small, dedicated fanbase to the platform, developers can earn up to an additional 10% of income from their payments.

The Abyss also provides support to developers, especially with Unreal Engine 4. Currently The Abyss has a UE4 Program developers can take advantage of, enjoying favorable terms to use the UE4 tech, as well as access to the Unreal Developer Network, and free maintenance and tech support. The Abyss will also provide marketing support for new UE4 games, helping attract early adopters and provide extra traffic for already released games on the platform.

All in all, The Abyss is a platform designed and focused on the game, looking to bring the community together while supporting the developers and publishers who use the platform in multiple areas. From the referral program to help you earn even after players move on from your game, to the extra marketing opportunities afforded by platform, The Abyss looks to get the game noticed among the ocean of titles hitting digital shelves today. 


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