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Hey Gang, the Elsword team is back again to reveal a very exciting new feature coming on April 24th. It’s time to stop cursing at monsters under your breath and start summoning them to your side! That’s right, with this new gameplay update, there are more than 60 different monsters just waiting around to swing a sword (or claw) on your behalf. For some games, collecting and summoning monsters is pretty much the whole game. For us, it’s just another way to make your adventures in Elsword even more epic.

Here’s the scoop. Over 60 different monster cards can be found while fighting your way through Elrios. Each one can be used to summon a different monster from one of the seven distinct worlds in Elsword.  In fact, the vast majority of enemies in the game are on the roster, including mini-bosses. If you happen to be a collector, you could hoard all those cards all in your inventory to gloat, but then you’d miss out on the fun of having a chilling hedgehog encase your foes in ice.

Which monster will be your favorite? If you want to bum rush your enemies and see them cleaved apart with a giant halberd, then try McGard the Blitzkrieg. Or maybe you prefer to have a Shadow Port Voider breathe lightning-hot plasma on your foes. With monsters like these to summon, you’ll carve through levels like a hot scimitar through butter.

As an added bonus we also made it so you can activate monster cards in the training room without using them up, so if you a want a no-cost way to wrestle with Proxy the Nimble all night long, now you can. And for a limited time there are two special phoru creatures you can summon—a mysterious and heroic phoru named Welliam and another dressed as the evil demon lord Ran. You know you want it!

Will you be a kind master or a pitiless overlord? Time to show those monsters who’s boss!

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