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Strategy Report - Kai the Archer

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Hello, I’m here to provide a mini guide on using the latest character in Vindictus, Kai. Kai’s archery abilities add a distinctive playstyle to the game, and it adds a fresh new take on taking on the world of Vindictus. I hope some of this information will be useful in dealing with the challenges that await you in the game.


When choosing gear to use, make sure you find one you’ll be comfortable with. While gaining the ingredients to create what you want will be easy in the beginning, it’ll become harder later to do the same. Ingredients will become rarer, and some of the items will require special conditions to obtain them or be too expensive. Unless you have the money to purchase the items you want, find solid equipment that’ll be effective for at least a few episodes before moving on to the next set.

SP and Stamina

Kai is unique as his gameplay focuses more heavily on SP gauge use. As a result, he gains and loses SP at an increased rate in comparison to the other characters. When using Kai, it’s a priority to manage your SP and Stamina so that you’ll have access to your defensive and offensive options at all times. Using up your Stamina and/or SP at a bad time could cost you the ability to kill or evade a painful blow.

Defensive Movement

Kai doesn’t have the health to survive strong attacks from opponent thus the safest method is to stay as far away as possible. Eventually, the enemies’ attacks will reach you. Mastering his defensive movement is a must to survive such situations.

The two main defensive skills has Kai has is normal dodge and Dodge Grapple. Kai’s normal dodge consists of him suddenly leaping in a direction, while having an added period of invulnerability. With correct use he can dodge as well as any Lann, all without requiring the need to level up a skill! Likewise, correct dodging is the ‘only’ way you’ll be able to survive certain attacks.

Dodge grapple isn’t as important, but it’s effective as an emergency escape option. When used, he’ll set a stake in place that will remain active for a period of time. Upon activation, Kai will immediately get pulled to the area where the stake is, while being invulnerable in the process! Although this uses SP, it’s a great tool to reposition in sticky situations.

Long Bow vs. Short Bow

While there are several ways to use Kai, it boils down to two primary styles of play: Long Bow and Short Bow. Although you will have access to both weapon styles early on, it’ll be more beneficial to focus and specialize on one for your early to mid-progression in Vindictus.

Short Bow


  • Can maneuver around while attacking continuously, a.k.a. Strafing
  • Access to Huntsman Barrage Skill
  • Faster Rate of Fire, allowing for faster buildup of SP gauge


  • Shorter Range, requiring you to be closer to the enemy
  • Faster rate of Stamina depletion (via dodging and attacking)

Shortbow style feels very similar to an arcade shooter type play in essence.

When focusing on Shortbow-style play, you’ll want to prioritize mobility and attacking the opponent constantly. Take advantage of your ability to strafe and attack, and land some Hunstman Barrage attacks in between. This will be a great help in dealing with the majority of enemies you’ll face, and it’ll be crucial to dealing with some of the faster monsters. Use any excess SP to land some of your stronger attacks on opponents.

Since you’re shooting arrows at an increased rate, you’ll have to be more mindful of your stamina bar. You’ll also find that dodging takes a greater role when taking on enemies that can close in on you quickly, so make sure to master the timing of your dodges

Long Bow


  • Greater Range of Fire, allowing you to attack from a safer distance
  • Access to Magnum Shot, Head Shot, Hunter’s Eye Skills
  • Decent at breakoffs on Raid Bosses
  • Higher Damage per shot


  • Slower movement capabilities when attacking
  • Harder to target fast, mobile enemies
  • Shots require time to charge up, leaving you vulnerable to attack
  • Slower attack rate

Long Bow users have access to three handy skills (Magnum, Headshot, Hunter’s Eye), allowing them to focus more on accuracy rather than attack rate. Potentially, you can stop a lot of attacks from happening while doing significant damage in the process via correct hits from Headshots and Hunter’s Eye. It is also a decent way to break off items from bosses.

When using the Long Bow, you’ll need to create as much distance from the opponent as possible. You’ll need to buy yourself time to do decent damage before moving around. This holds especially true for the powerful Magnum shot, since you’ll be stuck in place longer than the normal attack.

Use any opportunity to master the Headshot and Hunter’s Eye skills as those will be your main ways to increase damage output and build up SP before using the Magnum Shot to deal heavy damage. When done correctly, successful Headshots and Hunter’s Eye attacks will temporarily stun the enemy and leave room for a few free hits.

That’s it for the Kai Tips and Tricks! I hope this helps, but more importantly, be always on the lookout for better and more effective ways to use Kai!


Guest Writer