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Storied MMO Ragnarok Online Brings Revo-Classic To Europe (SPONSORED)

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Ragnarök Online is one of those games many players have heard about, and even more have played over its long history. Initially launching in 2002, Ragnarök’s storied history has brought countless hours of adventure, suspense, drama and enjoyment to millions of fans around the world.

The long-running anime MMORPG has just recently launched its Revo-Classic version of the game in Europe. What does that entail exactly?

Revo-Classic brings with it a mix of both modern and classic elements to Ragnarök Online. Currently being played in Thailand, the Philippines and the CIS countries, Revo-Classic brings unique challenges to the players who choose to join in on the action with the new version. Essentially, Ragnarök Online is getting the “classic” treatment.


There are more than 30 different classes to choose from, each with gender difference which can influence the type of class. As a result of this feature, players are able to get married within the game, get extra bonuses for your parties and even make a baby – there are baby classes to choose from. The classes themselves are dependent upon each other and are most effective when combined with optimal class abilities.

Max level in Revo-Classic is set to 99/70 – meaning there are no third classes players can use. Additionally, the Revo-Classic keeps many of the mechanics from Renewal, giving the players today an easier time learning the new version of the game.

Partying up with friends is encouraged – it’s dangerous to go out there alone, and you’ll level faster for your troubles as well! Leveling on its own is a bit harder this time around, but it should make it a more interesting experience for players all around.

Veterans who maybe played Ragnarök before and have been looking for a way to get back to the older days should give Revo-Classic a look. The MMO has evolved over the years, but so has the industry around it. Many features players took part in during early Ragnarök are standard in many MMOs today, such as massive wars, complex hero ability trees, as well as balanced PvP and PvE mechanics. Revo-Classic brings that nostalgia feel back to older players in a modern day.


Players can also take part in MVP Boss Hunting to become the Most Valuable Player. It’s not enough to just kill the boss – you’ve got to be the first of all the boss hunters. Doing so you can receive rare loot, cards that give you incredibly powers as well as the status of Most Valuable Player by killing MVP bosses. New locations bring with them new bosses, so the battle never stops!

Also coming soon is the Guild Wars: Wars of Emperium event – a Guild PvP event pitting thousands of players against each other on the map.  Additionally, players can test their mettle in the PvP Arena, something that could be even more interesting as players move through Revo-Classic with only the two classes, but a much more nuanced idea of how to play their characters thanks to the tweak to the leveling process.

Revo-Classic gives Ragnarök players the feeling the older version of the venerable MMO. 4game has finally brought the new classic mode to Europe, opening the way for a whole new group of passionate players to enjoy the new version for the first time. Ragnarök Revo-Classic is the most stable, most populated version of Ragnarök right now – bringing with it more frequent updates and more balance versus the previous version.

You can check out Ragnarök Revo-Classic for yourself from the official website here. Download and play for free today!


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