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Endless Ages: Status Update and New Screenshots

Editor's Introduction: A few months ago Rapid Reality, the Atlanta-based developers of The Chronicle and operators of MMOCenter.com, purchased Endless Ages. This MMOFPS was released a few years back and continues to soldier on for its loyal community. Luke Peterfreund, the Community Manager at Rapid Reality, penned a brief update to go along with two new screenshots of the changes they're making to the game's visuals.

Rapid Reality has been hard at work on the upgrades for Endless Ages for some time now. When we decided to bring Endless Ages into the MMOCenter Network, the decision was obvious to put our Art Team to work on creating, and recreating, much of Iia.

Character Creation

Character Creation

One of the first things we did was concept out new player models. After the completion of the new concepts were approved by both the previous X-Src Team, and our Creative Designer here in the studio, we got right to work on the creation of these new models. But the concept drawing did not stop there, our artists immediately moved to new ideas for weapons and armor to match these models. The new models Model’s are currently being fully integrated into the Engine and the game in general, as are the new weapons and armors. But if this was not enough, we here at Rapid Reality has also started work on new weapons and armors for Endless Ages.

Another of the largest of tasks was to find out exactly what the gamers felt needed to be fixed. A week was spent where several of the Developers sat InGame and chatted with the most important aspect of Endless Ages – The Players. Bug fixes, requests for alterations, system changes, a downloadable client, just to name some of the larger ones. Armed with this knowledge of the game itself, and working hand in hand with the current GM Staff from the last few years, we set to work at making the game, itself, better.

Problems that had been plaguing Endless Ages for years have been resolved, new issues started with some of the previous system upgrades have been fixed, and even some minor, annoying, bugs have been squashed. The old clunky User Interface has been thrown out for a completely new, more streamlined, interface. The requested downloadable client, over the Active X window, has been created. And last, but not least, the infamous “Already Logged in Bug” has finally been thwarted.

Working closely with two of the top Game Masters from Endless Ages for several years, we are in the process of developing a whole new tutorial. For coordination efforts, and to make InGame experiences more enjoyable, we’ve brought on Joe Peacock as our new in house Lead Game Master. Joe is in the process of learning Endless Ages inside and out, if you see his Characters flying around within the gameworld, feel free to shoot them, but he’d much more prefer to hear your opinions about InGame matters.

Rapid Reality has its own Lore Writer, Bonnie Nadri, who’s hard at work pounding out what is the new Lore of Endless Ages. In what appears like a novel in comparison to the old Lore, there will be plenty of basis for new Quests within the Gameworld.

Finally, we’re excited about the new hosting of Endless Ages, with all these updates, within MMOCenter very soon. We believe all our hard work, and the support of an ever persistent group of Gamers, will bring the masses to Endless Ages once again.

Luke D. Peterfreund
Rapid Reality Community Manager

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