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The Death Penalty

When your health reaches zero, your Lux reawakens at your Gizmo with a new body for you to ruin! Your equipment and unused Lumen remain where you died.

If you’re careful, you can return to where you bit the dust and retrieve your dropped inventory and unspent Lumen.

Expand Your Bunker

Noch is a scary place! Thankfully you have an instanced, expandable Bunker to call home. When you need a breather, you can build without fear of attack, manage your NPC followers, put your Lux into another character, and spend your Lumen at the Gizmo.

You'll be able to completely customize the look and style of your bunker, and as you gain NPC followers, you'll need to make sure to watch your Bunker's Power, Morale, and Supplies.

Tell your NPC followers whats important to you, and they'll work while you're adventuring. They can refine resources, craft equipment, mix consumables, cook food, upgrade your bunker, gather supplies, or study archives to earn you bonus Lumen.

Illuminate Your Path (Character Progression)

Through your adventures every action you perform will give you experience in the form of Lumen. You can spend Lumen to improve your Lux at the Gizmo.

As you zoom out, you'll have access to hundreds of Filament clusters. Here you can plan out what you want to unlock most, and which path you follow to get there.

"The more Lumen you risk, the greater your potential reward. Carrying large amounts of unspent Lumen will increase your XP multiplier up to ten times (10x)."

Using a H.U.S.K.

Once you progress enough in the Lumen map, you will unlock the ability to pilot a H.U.S.K.. These large old world exo suits require constant power from one of many sources (radium, coal, etc).

Each H.U.S.K. has a specialization like melee dps, ranged dps, guard, recovery, or harvesting. They use weapons and upgraded made for that type of H.U.S.K.

“Harvesting and collecting materials while piloting a H.U.S.K. is much faster than doing it by hand.”

Find Dungeon Loot

In your travels you'll come across sinkholes. These fissures are your chance at rare, mythic, or even fabled treasure. As you descend, caves become dungeons.

Going deeper underground means greater danger and a higher chance for loot. Dungeon sinkholes will become unstable after a time, so watch for signs of collapse or you may just lose all that shiny new loot.

These days, people throw around words like "unique" without any real meaning. Imagine finding one-of-a-kind items, equipment, or crafting schematics.

"One-of-a-kind!? Now that's truly unique loot, and it's a core feature of Lux."


Players can openly attack others in the wild. If a Lux kills another without cause, that Lux is marked with Gloom as some of the victims Lumen is taken. As your Gloom increases, your character is surrounded by a dark shroud, causing Fear in others and hiding you at night. Be careful with Gloom. It makes it harder to protect the goodies on your corpse if slain.

"Hauling around lots of XP (a.k.a. Lumen) causes you to glow! It may help you see better at night, but it also attracts unwanted attention."


We want to make sure the final product matches our vision, so we're working with top industry veterans to get it done right! The artists and developers creating Lux have also worked on games such as World of Warcraft®, Diablo 3®, Starcraft 2®, Hearthstone®, and Magic: The Gathering®.

Kickstarter page: http://WhatIsLux.com

For additional information about LUX please visit our website , follow us on Facebook , Twitter .

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