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Survive in an infinitely expandable, hand drawn world. Use skill to fend off lethal enemies in real time combat. Endure hostile dungeons for your chance at one-of-a-kind loot. Build anywhere in the wild, by yourself or with friends. Absorb Lumen and gain power while trying to discover why you exist.

“Seven grandfathers before your first breath, the Light ruled over all life. Lush plants fed the sky and animals obeyed each word. Darkness was forced to flee, even from the smallest spark. We were happy and safe, as Light watched over us. Slowly, over time, our people watched a strange tree flourish in the forest. Its bark was dark and warm to the touch. Its leaves were few, but on it grew sweet violet fruit all year. Some thought it was a gift from the Light while others branded it perverse. It was decided by one to chop down the tree in secret. For the first time, our sky became dark, plants twisted with anger, and animals abandoned peace as the land was transfigured into Noch.”

We're an experienced team of game developers creating a survival MMORPG, where you play as a strange energy, known as Lux. As a Lux, you'll endure the hostile world of Noch (pronounced Knock), while trying to uncover why you exist.

Explore the World

We're designing Noch to be infinitely expandable. It's made up of an ever growing number of biomes, which make up the "Wild". These themed zones are dynamically generated and blended together smoothly with hand crafted regions. This makes it possible to add any number of new diverse biomes or terraform biomes through events, as the world of Noch takes on a life of its own. We want to keep exploration exciting and maintain a sense of discovery!

Real Time Combat

Lux features direction based attacks and combos in real time. We want the combat to feel visceral and rewarding. When a weapon connects, we want rewarding impact. When your enemy attacks we want players to be worried enough to dodge or block.

Build Anywhere

We want players to be able to make camps, claim land, build their settlements, place walls and turrets, and hire NPCs to help them defend it from attack.

Every player starts with the ability to craft the basics; harvesting tools, defensive walls, and pioneer gear. To increase your chances of survival, you'll want to get your hands on something a bit stronger.

"If you aren't near your bunker, make sure your camp has some basic defenses to help you live through the night."

Survive the Night

An important part of the world is the day and night cycle. The sun provides some great benefits to the Lux and helps them advance, while the lack of light transforms Noch into a terrifying and risky experience.


Players in the wild are safer during the day. They can see farther, and will also conveniently gain XP (a.k.a Lumen) just for being in the sun. Three cheers for free experience!


Not only is it very difficult to see at night, but you’ll also encounter some terrible creatures lurking in the dark. On the plus side, your XP (a.k.a Lumen)  multiplier is doubled!

“Darkness makes the creatures in Lux stronger, faster, more aggressive, and gives them new abilities. It can even transform them into completely different creatures.”

The Characters

These mortal forms are the fragile tools of the Lux. Like humans, your characters will have to deal with Health, Hunger, and Fear on a regular basis. There are numerous characters to choose from and even more for you to unlock.

We have 15+ characters planned for launch with some rather intriguing traits, plus notable Kickstarter Exclusive characters. Here are just a few characters available at the beginning of your journey.

"We want gamers to have more control over how their character plays. Rather than limit players to a class, players can combine traits to create their own."

Traits come from your active character and your equipment (helmet, armor, main hand, off hand, and accessories), plus buffs and hundreds of "skill like" consumables.

Narrowly escaping death should always be thrilling! That only happens when there are penalties for being slain. 

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