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Charge the Field with Liberators!

When the Nazis brought terror, we didn’t back down.

The date is June 6th, 1944. Europe is succumbing to the threat of political and cultural takeover. Millions of terrorized civilians need a hero. Will you come to their call?

Gear up and march your soldiers onto the battlefield with the single best free browser game of the year, Liberators: a WWII Strategy Epic. In the fiery ruins of small, European towns, you’ll meet and train with great military generals like Bernard Montgomery, Winston Churchill, and Eileen Nearne. If you’re dedicated, you can recruit them to join you on your march toward freedom. You’ll run into Axis generals disenchanted with their command, like Hans-Ulrich Rudel and Hannah Reitsch and impress them with your disciplined army. With luck, your hard work will win them over to your employ and together you can take down the Nazi menace which has spread across Europe!

To destroy the enemy, you’ll need more brain than brawn.

The time of reckoning has come. Across the open plains, Michael Wittman fields his dreaded tank army, flanked on either side by a wave of reconnaissance vehicles spearheaded by the inimical Gerd von Rundstedt. Reinforcing at the rear are two battalions of paratroopers led by Otto Skorzeny. Your generals, likewise, command armies of complimentary units, each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. Their placement on the field can be all that stands between victory and total defeat.

You take the field calmly, because you’ve prepared for this day. You line up Rudel’s army of Anti-Tank guns and Churchill’s army of bazookas directly across the field from Wittman’s tanks, because you know their explosive power can penetrate any hard exterior. You set Nearne in the center of the action, with supporting firepower from afar. Against his Recon vehicles, you know to place Monty, as he commands an army of the most fearsome mortars this side of the Pacific. They unleash powerful damage at great distances. The battle rages on, and things go in your favor when Monty’s troops, emboldened by a surge of morale, unleash their dreaded “Artillery Doom” and rain down upon the enemy with a vengeance.

Things take a dramatic turn when the enemy fields his seemingly incorrigible paratroopers. But you’ve placed Reitsch’s battalion of artillery units on the backlines as an excellent power mode of defense. Her Operation Suicide tactic brings devastation to Wittman’s legion, ensuring that your men will live to fight another day. War is a delicate waltz of wit and vigor, courage and luck. Your skillful command of strategy and tactics will cause you to rival the greatest figures the enemy has to offer!

Alone you are weak. Together you are mighty.

The battle may have been won, but the war is far from over. A central key to attaining victory on the Liberators’ battlefield is to form powerful Alliances with other dedicated soldiers across the globe. With your brothers-in-arms, plant your flag in conquered cities, and produce and share goods therein to fuel your legion. Destroy insurgents and assert your dominance across the continent. Where there is victory, so too will be your army.

This war won’t be won without heroes like yourself on the frontlines of battle. When Nazis rain forth in a shower of terror, will you come to the rescue? 


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