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SoulWorker, Anime-Style Action MMO Celebrates Its Global Release On Steam (SPONSORED)

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SoulWorker, an exciting anime-style action MMO, has announced its official global release through Steam on May 13th, 2021. The game developer, Lion Games, is expanding its service to a global audience (excluding South Korea, China, and Japan) in both English and Traditional Chinese.

The new global version of SoulWorker will feature content previously unreleased in North America and Europe including the character Ephnel and the newest contents, the “West War”. 

Ephnel utilizes a spear as a weapon. Bullied and abused as a child, Ephnel keeps her distance even in her new identity as a SoulWorker. The latest character of SoulWorker, Ephnel features strong AoE and burst damage, and can reduce her party’s Soul Gauge consumption, so she shines as a great character for those looking to deal high damage while bringing utility to their party. 

“West War” takes place primarily in Grace City, as it prepares to defend against the Rapid Flame. We don’t want to spoil the story too much, especially if you’re new to the game, but know that you’ll discover an ongoing epic story that’s up to date with the rest of the world!

Not only is this new content live now in SoulWorker, along with the Lunar Fall raid, but Lion Games plans to release new content soon including the new character Lee Nabi whose Soul Weapon is the Sniper Rifle and a new raid called “Violent Sun.”  

So get started on your journey in the bright, story-rich world of SoulWorker today! Find it here on Steam.



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