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Hey aspiring knights,

We’re really excited that we can give out some concrete details at long last about DK Online! We’re proud to release the full website for the game, which has an avalanche of information about the lore, gameplay, and—what we’re focusing on for the next few weeks—the playable classes.

Today we’re talking about the Sorceress class, to go along with our first official spotlight video highlighting the master magic users. Sorceresses are elves born with particularly special gifts. Being descendants of the ancient dragons, their power to manipulate the arcane energies of the world comes from the remnants of dragon blood that still flows in their veins. There was once a time that only the dragons themselves could wield such power, but the clever Sorceresses have since learned how to harness it for themselves.

Sorceresses in general favor elemental magic to devastate foes. Their repertoire of spells relies heavily on staples like Fireball and Ice Lance, but you can also see them controlling the powers of earth and wind with spells such as Quake, Whirlwind, and Lightning Storm. The class video highlights all of these different types of elemental spells and shows the range of destruction that the Sorceress can rain down.

It’s not all fire and brimstone, though. While a Sorceress is mostly offensive (as you might expect) she also has many tools for supporting and defending both herself and allies. These include shields such as Water Aegis, Mana Shield, and Frost Shield, as well as buffs like Celerity (which increases MP regeneration) and Zephyr (which increases movement speed).

Our Favorite: We love the feeling of raw power you get from all of the Sorceress’s spells, but we’re particularly fond of the Firestorm spell. You can think of it as her “big bang”, with a heavy cost that results in incredible amounts of damage. Not only that, it looks pretty damn cool as well, with a swirling tornado of flames engulfing the hapless target.

We hope you’re excited to try your hand at these graceful spellcasters too! You can find more information on the full website on the Sorceress and the rest of the classes as well. Keep an eye out for other spotlights as they come down the pipeline!


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