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Sneak Peek at the Balo Faction

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It's Dvorak here, Community Manager for the martial arts MMORPG, Jade Dynasty. If you haven't heard of Jade Dynasty yet, first of all, welcome back to civilization! There's a lot of catching up to do--for more information on features as well as for exclusive codes to unlock goodies in our upcoming expansion, Ascension, you can follow Jade Dynasty on Facebook or hit me up on Twitter.

One of the most exciting new additions of the upcoming expansion is the new race called the Athan. Within this demigod race, there are two Factions, the first of which is the Balo. These hardened warriors come at a time when many in the mortal realm are looking to seize power and the secret to immortality. To combat this problem, the Immortals have created the Balo: indispensable frontline fighters that were formed to represent pure brute strength and were inspired by the invulnerability of molten rock.

By combining the inner power of the fiercest human warriors with the abilities possessed by some of the most powerful immortals, the Balo are hulking in size and command an extraordinary amount of strength. An average Balo can wield weapons such as axes and swords that would be impossible for a human.

Both male and female Balos are highly regarded and there are numerous tales of their victories against enormous odds. Their battle-forged loyalty to their fellow warriors and self-discipline makes the Balo one of the most efficient forces to be reckoned with and are known to hold their lines in battle even when faced against complete obliteration.

If you enjoy playing as the tank or DPS'er of your groups, the Balo is an excellent faction to choose. Not only do you look huge in comparison to other players, you will be able to take and deal great damage while looking good doing it. Our upcoming Ascension expansion offers both new and existing players alike a chance to play on the side of the Immortals. We'll also be introducing the second Athan faction, the Arden, in our next posting, so be sure to keep an eye out.


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