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Skill and Combo System

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Skills & Combo System

Missile airstrikes, lethal flatulence, giant kitten heads, squeaky toy hammers and personal assault tanks. What do all these things have in common? They're all at your disposal when battling the many enemies roaming the lands of Dragonica Online.

Dragonica Online's skill system allows for in-depth gameplay that is easy to play but difficult to master. Adventurers begin their journey with the basic skills for their chosen class, battling monsters in order to advance to the next level and learn new, powerful skills. As players reach new levels, they earn Skill Points that can be used to acquire more advanced abilities. With plenty of choices available, players can take their time to develop truly unique characters tailored for any kind of play style.

Combining over-the-top humor and devastating power, Dragonica Online's skill system injects fun and humor into the traditional MMO skill types. Warriors can wield huge hammers of fire or ice to smash opponents - but if extra strength is in need, they can transform their head into a giant bear's for a strength boost. Advanced Archer classes can lob grenades of multiple types, or transform into Special Forces soldiers for extra defense powers. And any class, if powerful enough, can do away with an enemy by sending it smashing into the monitor screen!

Dragonica Online's combo system incorporates unique opportunities for players to receive rewards through normal gameplay. With every successive hit landed on an enemy the combo meter increases and the higher the combo meter climbs the greater the experience bonus! Only by combining specialized skills will players be able to maximize their experience reward, creating exciting opportunities for combat specialists to rapidly grow their characters at their own pace.

Combining the rush of fast-paced arcade combat with the depth of and RPG, Dragonica Online's skill and combo systems are refreshing variations on traditional online role playing combat.

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