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Set Sail for Two New World Expansions

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Set sail for two new world expansions in Pirate101; the online game for all ages from KingsIsle Entertainment.

Adventures await you in the highly anticipated Books 13 and 14 of Pirate101!  With the introduction of both the war-torn skyway of Marleybone and the legendary beauty and danger found throughout Aquila, high-level Pirates can now continue their journey against the evil Armada! 

This is the largest expansion to date for this family online game by KingsIsle Entertainment where young Pirates rebel against the evil Armada who are bent on destroying the Spiral. These worlds and much more are coming to the Members Only Test Realm, and will be available to the Live Game soon. Learn more at http://www.pirate101.com

Book 13: The Dogs of War (Marleybone)

The pirate's quest for the pieces of the Map to El Dorado takes them to Marleybone, where they must track down their old friend Catbeard. Wizard101 players adventured on the streets and rooftops of Marleybone’s capital city, but in Pirate101 we open up a whole new realm of adventure! Pirates take to the midnight skies of Westminster Skyway, where they find a war zone and come face to face with the consequences of their former actions. Marleybone is at war with the evil Clockwork Armada - a war your Pirate started, and a war Marleybone is losing! To get the next piece of the Map, player Pirates must join the Royal Navy and help turn the tide of the war.

Their quest will take Pirates to the Isle of Dogs, a bustling hub of industry and shipbuilding with a criminal underworld lurking in the sewers beneath; the isle of Fetch, a vacation resort now abandoned and waiting for the imminent Armada invasion, and Beachhead, an armored battle station with enough firepower to destroy every city in Marleybone. Along the way they'll meet a rich cast of characters including Admiral Nelson, Ebenezer Scrooge, a spy named Smiley, and a special guest star from Wizard101. A host of dire enemies also wait for them: Cat criminal mastermind Captain Swing, the dreaded anarchist Guy Fox, and not one but two elite clockworks - the mysterious Bishop and Rooke, Supreme General of the Armada!

New Companions, new enemies, new equipment, and new promotion quests for Bonnie Anne and Ratbeard await. The level cap rises, giving Pirates access to new epic talents and powers. Come ready for battle, and beware - this is not your Wizard's Marleybone!

Book 14: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Cyclops (Aquila)

After the dark skies of Marleybone, the Pirate journeys to the sunny skies of the Achean Way, in the ancient realm of Aquila. Based around Classical Mythology, Aquila is a realm of legendary heroes, terrible monsters, and truly epic quests. To find Argos the Cyclops, keeper of the next piece of the Map to El Dorado, the Pirate must first help the Imperial Eagles win the Trojan War against the evil Snakes if Illios, rescue the hero Theseus, and follow Ulysses home on his odyssey. This is the longest single Book yet created for Pirate101, and it is truly epic.

Pirates will fight beside legendary heroes like Eagilles, Hawkules, and Zeena, queen of the Amazons.  Guided by mysterious prophecies from the Oracle of Delphos and the Immortals of Olympus, Pirates will journey to many exotic locations, including the streets of Troy, the Isle of the Sirens, ruined Knossos, and the shining city of Nova Aquila, center of the glorious Eagle Empire. New monsters stand in their way, including Manticores, Ettins, Centaurs, Cyclopses, and some of the toughest bosses Pirate101 has ever seen: Talos the Colossus, Medusa the Gorgon, the invincible Minotaur, the Hydra, and Scylla and Charybdis!

As with Marleybone, this new Book raises the level cap even higher, to level 65. Tame a Pegasus mount, win the Golden Egg in battle, promote the members of the Magnificent Seven, win fabulous treasures, brave the depths of the Labyrinth, and win the favor of Athena and Ares. This is Pirate101 at its most fantastic, full of mythic adventure and humor.


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