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Secrets of the Crystals Detailed

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Deep in a forgotten mine rests the answer to an ancient riddle: What are the mysterious Ergs, where do they come from, and why is the Pontiff's Court so interested in them? The truth will shake the world to its very core... Kean and Seanna are close to solving the mystery, but they need your help.

Divine the secrets of the Misty Summit and learn of how Erg Crystals came to be. Follow the trail to the highest chambers of power in the land, where faith and loyalty will be put to the test. Unravel the web of deceptions to find your true allies, and join with them to battle a conspiracy that spans the ages.

Misty Summit/Moonlight Peak

By day, they are known as the Misty Summit; by night, the Moonlight Peak. Climb four towering new summits, covered in fog, and come face-to-face with brand new mysteries. Who created the wood men littering the area, and why are they so much stronger than any others you've faced? And what's the deal with the winged gremlins flapping about the summits?

Unique Monsters, Vengeful Bosses

As you explore the new peaks, there's a chance you'll randomly encounter unique monsters. You'll recognize these buffed-up baddies by the gold markers over their heads and their distinctive combat moves. They won't be easy to defeat, but if you emerge victorious, your spoils will be worth it!

Boss monsters who die... no longer stay dead, not when there's a chance they'll be reanimated by vengeance-seeking monsters who steal and wear their corpses. These freakish new monsters are rather terrifying, but ramp up your courage, because the rewards are equally breath-taking!


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