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Scare up Killer Prizes in Our New Halloween Dungeon

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Hey Gang, the Elsword team is back again for a first ever reveal of this year’s brand new Halloween dungeon. The “Halloween Banquet Room” has never been seen anywhere before and promises to be both the most challenging and most rewarding Halloween dungeon to grace Elrios.

The tale begins with Elsword and his team receiving a mysterious invitation to a remote Castle in Elder. A sumptuous banquet is being held, and they are the guests of honor. As they enter the banquet room, they marvel at the lavish decorations; chandeliers and jack o’ lanterns blaze brightly everywhere. But something is off—where are the other guests? Suddenly a towering sorcerer appears calling himself Pumpvalanche. He begins summoning all manner of ghouls who seem to think Elsword and his friends are the main course. With that, the fight is on!

Fans of last year’s Halloween dungeon might be curious about the change. While the haunted forest was popular, we felt our players could use a bigger and harder challenge this year. The new dungeon is a classic co-op defense mission with a few twists. All Pumpvalanche’s minions are timed to explode after 10 seconds of brawling, so speed is essential.

You’ll contend with brand new enemies and bosses until you face Pumpvalanche himself. A serious challenge awaits, but also it wouldn’t be Halloween without amazing goodies at the end of the fight. Defeat Pumpvalanche on Halloween day for a unique Halloween accessory. Even better, all week long you’ll snag monster souls in the dungeon that can turn into some of the coolest Halloween costumes ever. Free costumes sound good? Think you’re up to the challenge? Then show Pumpvalanche you ain’t afraid of no ghosts. 

The new dungeon isn’t the only way Elsword is making this the best Halloween ever. We have other events already underway that will allow you to find up to eighteen different free costumes. Whether you get free costumes through the new dungeon or other fun missions, we want you to trick-or-treat in style. So if you’re looking to let loose your spooky side, now is the time. Also, if you love playing Elsword on Steam, be sure to check out the Steam page for brand new items exclusive to Steam. See you at the banquet! 

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