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Saleron’s Sky Garden Preview

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Saleron’s Sky Garden

In ages past, the god Saleron's hubris brought down the wrath of his children, including his son Killian. The gods imprisoned Saleron in a crypt, and left him to gnash and snarl for eternity—but circumstances change.

Petulant and resentful in his desert prison, the ancient god Saleron knows a secret that might well save the Valkyon Federation—even the world—if someone survives his little test. Lush and seemingly tranquil, Saleron’s Sky Garden is a series of floating islands, fortified with traps and inhabited by deadly guardians. Flying dracoloths patrol overhead, preventing an aerial incursion, and strong magics compel visitors to run the gauntlet...or die.

Accessible only by magic, and floating high over the world, the precise location of the garden isn't known. The few accounts that survive describe locations that don't line up with any surveyed province. Several arcanists suggest that the garden is illusory—a test experienced solely in the minds of those being tested.

No one knows for certain.

Numerous foes await in the trials. Several reports from surviving seekers told of foes long dead reborn, or innocuous opponents possessing incredible strength and power. There's no set pattern in the accounts, but one theme rings true—Saleron views all with disdain, and each opponent is stronger than the last. Only someone truly remarkable can overcome Saleron's grudges and prejudice.

To pass Saleron’s test will take the right combination of courage, skill, and strength, but the prize is the chance to save the world.


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