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Rise! : The Warden of Darkness

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Hey Gang, GM Moshup here with all the details on Elsword’s monstrous new Raid Boss update. As the final sword falls, and last shot rings out, quelling the final miscreant… the menacing visage of the Gate of Time rends reality asunder and throws its doors wide open. Finally, through the archway the heroes march and all cast their weary gazes upon the Fahrmann’s Peak; home to the beloved character Ara and to Elsword’s horrifying new Raid Boss, Drabaki.

Through the Gate of Time, players will cast their gaze upon the truly magnificent and mysterious mist covered mountains of Fahrmann’s Peak. The scenery looks like something out of the Wuxia epics of a time long forgotten. Gaze through the wooded reaches of bamboo forests, take in the cool calming air and the amazing spectacle of breathtaking waterfalls. Shale platforms hover, floating as if suspended in midair with the very mysticism that permeates the mountainside… and then, take in your last unlabored breath before the horror takes hold. The magical essence that pervades the very air around you turns dark and heavy. The ground beneath your feet cracks and howls; as if the very earth itself is trembling, writhing in pain as the bellicose death-coils of the colossal Drabaki crush the living soul from reality itself. Drabaki, Heaven’s Outcast, screams vitriol and hate as fire-shade purple venom gushes from his maw… Drabaki rends the very ground beneath him as he tears towards our heroes, with deafening ferocity, he comes crashing down upon every last one of you.

Elsword’s new Raid Boss encounter is the biggest and toughest fight in the game. Expanding upon the first Elsword Raid Boss (Eltrion), Drabaki’s dynamic encounter takes it up a peg… or five. Players unlock the Gate of Time by defeating a ton of baddies in the Sander and Hamel Fields. Once defeated, the Gate of Time materializes, and again, up to an amazing 12 players join in to fight Drabaki together! If there aren’t enough players in a group, the Gate stays open for 15 minutes.

Sounds easy right? On the contrary! You have to bring your “A” game. Though you may take Drabaki on with an epic party of 12 players, you only have 12 minutes to destroy the monster or lose the fight.

Unlike the more linear Eltrion encounter, Drabaki’s massive size already presents a problem for our heroes. Noth only is Drabaki all around you, he uses his enormous snake-like body to attack players from multiple points at once. Emitting putrid hellfire from his mouth, crushing with monstrous coils and lashing out with his awesome tail will keep players on their toes. Do not get comfortable, you have to keep moving. When I say enormous, I mean gargantuan, Drabaki is so large players have to jump up, under and through, attacking his coils to get to his head! And, if that’s not enough, as he sustains a sizeable amount of damage, he will completely relocate, casting coils, fire and death at the whole party from a new location, angle and defensible position.  

Sounds tough; right? Well, it is… it’s the toughest fight in the game. You may leave the encounter to heal up and grab reinforcements while battle goes on, but re-entering has certain limitations. After exiting an ongoing encounter, you will only be able join again after 20 minutes from the first time you entered. Basically, if you fight for 15 minutes, then leave, you have to wait 5 more minutes to re-join the fight.

Rejoining the encounter is not possible when the HP of the raid boss is at 10% or less, or when the remaining time is 10 seconds or less.

Though you have to be level 60+ in order to fight Drabaki directly, a number of quests have been introduced that allow players level 10+ to contribute to the war effort. The NPC Ariel will allow player to practice the well before facing the infernal might of Drabaki.

The Gate of Time may appear in any of Hamel’s and Sander’s fields. Depending on the region, the gate may lead you to Eltrion or Drabaki. The zones are: Elime’s Wave, Temple of the Wind, Stricken City, Caluso Tribe Territory, Circular Waterway, Sandtilus Grave, Noah's Grave and Behemoth Crater.

The rewards are epic. Drabaki has a small chance of dropping the very rare Jewel of Drabaki. When right-clicked, this Jewel will award you with a +9 Warden of Darkness Weapon for one of the 9 playable characters. As well, players who defeat Drabaki will receive a Title with some wicked stats, a Raid Boss Cube with Random prizes, high level crafting items and more.  

Battle the big boss, with a big raid for big prizes. With Elsword’s new Raid Boss beatdown… Size is everything. I’ll see you guys and girls in-games. Cry Havoc! and let slip the Dogs of War.  

Come play Elsword. Play your Manga.                

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