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Rise of the ECO Legion Around the World (SPONSORED)

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This mid-2016 will be the next step and transformation for PlayWebGame. After succeeding on several anime web-based games, we have officially launched our newest game “Eternal Chaos Online”, a free-to-play web based action game inspired by historical iconic figures!

Eternal Chaos Online (ECO) delivers fantastic adventures in a quest driven interactive MMORPG browser game that is rendered fully in 3D and with graphics using a gamer influenced interface for more hands on game play.

After officially starting Open Beta in May, the number of Eternal Chaos players has constantly increased globally. Building on the popularity and success of this epic MMORPG in other regions and languages, PlayWebGame was able to make Eternal Chaos Online available for English users as well.

You can’t find a more fanatical (in every sense of the word) community whether on our blogs, forums, fanpage, Reddit, Youtube and in comments on sites all over the ‘Net — the ECO legion is everywhere!

ECO's story immerses a player in a western-style, mythology inspired world where players from all over the globe can fight together.  The player has to save history through time-travel and get the chaotic evil demon hordes to go back where they belong.

The shattering of the Chaotic Energy rift resulted in time distortion and the loss of human lives.  With six different eras in history to explore, ranging from medieval England to ancient Rome to Imperial China, players will find a wide range of challenges from across history. 

You will begin your quest through distorted historical events, that connect heroes from many eras of the “City of Time” including Robin Hood, Li Shimin, King Arthur, Salahuddin, Julius Caesar, Joan of Arc, and many more!!  

Eternal Chaos is an Excellent Web Based MMORPG!

Eternal Chaos is a high quality web MMORPG offering one of the deepest character creation systems, impressive characters, and so many things to see. It all begins in a beautiful medieval European open world that will keep you busy for months.

Gather Chrono Energy, upgrade skills, control time and space, and create your own history! Choose Glorious PVE, PVP, Field Battles, and Boss Fights. Control your character, control the world!

Eternal Chaos takes action combat on time-travel frame, with spectacular graphics and sound. The gameplay shows serious staying power with a hardcore attitude.

The graphics are a delight for a web-based game: beautiful characters, breath-taking scenery, eye-popping pets, and powerful mounts that you can choose from. In this game, players will get stronger with War Beasts and Mounts so you will be master of the fiercest creatures.

With action-RPG styled combat, loads of features that are standard for MMORPGs, and with a micro-client to download and play the game, Eternal Chaos Online offers a lot for little time and little hassle.  You can explore many conspiracies from every era. This game makes all players become heroes to fight the Demon Shadow!  


Eternal Chaos Online features several play modes, including PvE and open-world PvP, field battles, and challenging boss fights. You can get some magnificent mounts, upgrade your gear, collect chrono energy, participate in campaign modes, and do battle with history’s greatest villains. Players will get lots of excitement and tons of fulfilling experiences within the game.

Enter the Realm world built with a proprietary 3D Engine: a light-weight powerful engine with excellent background sounds and musical scores.

Earn privileges by becoming a VIP. The higher the VIP level, the more privileges you’ll get. By becoming a VIP you also unlock a new campaign (dungeon)!

Cross time and space. Become a great hero who saves history. Change history with your own power and change the world! Are you ready? Now, it’s your turn to take action to solve the chaotic world!

Eternal Chaos Online — Dominate All Realms!

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For any information you want to know, please kindly ask us via:

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