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Riode Zone Preview

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In our first in-depth preview of upcoming RaiderZ Open Beta content, we explore the lush zone of Riode. Surrounded by greenery including tall cherry blossom trees, it's easy to get lost in the moment as you are awestruck by Riode's beauty. But do not let your guard down. Vile and terrible beasts have invaded the forests, rivers, and lakes of Riode.

The corruption has even spread to the Saint Fhannel Monastery, where the once peaceful inhabitants now fight for darkness. Rumors of an unspeakable evil, twisting the monastery from within, spread like wildfire along with talks of a powerful guardian dedicated to protecting the order’s sacred secrets. Monastery Director Nator has promised pain and punishment to any unwelcome adventurers who dare set foot in her sanctuary.

Also, new epic Boss Monsters offer more challenges for seasoned heroes of Mt. Eda and Makot Village. Meet Yillis. With her deadly water spells, ice magic, and area of effect abilities, she puts up a difficult fight for even the most experienced players.

Furthermore, Zygniv finally makes his presence known in the upcoming Open Beta on October 24. 2012. We showcased the fearsome demon previously in an exciting cinematic trailer, but soon, you will have a chance to take him down and to safeguard the citizens of Riode.

Saint Fhannel Monastery houses unspeakable evil

Party with friends to hunt together or regret dying alone.

Yillis' deadly area-of-effect water spells

Should you need to retreat and recover, the towering and beautiful town of Rietz is always in view. This new hub for high-level adventurers hosts shops and facilities required for repair and supplies.

Zygniv makes quick work of this unprepared party

Rietz offers safety for high-level adventurers

Stay tuned to the RaiderZ homepage as we take on these new epic Boss Monsters, including Zygniv and Yillis, to provide you with helpful tips as you prepare for the upcoming RaiderZ Open Beta.


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