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RF Online Comes To Brazil In New Version: RF Evolution! (Sponsored)

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After sixteen years since its initial launch, RF Online is back with a new version! Players can jump in now and relive the game that once was one of the most played games in Brazil with a new version: RF Evolution.

Since its initial launch sixteen years ago, RF Online will be relaunched in Brazil with a new version, aimed at providing an new and improved way to play the classic MMORPG, thanks to the team over at 4game. RF Evolution brings the classic gameplay that made the MMORPG a hit, including the iconic PvP battles that has defined RF Online for over a decade.

Players can choose one of three races: The scientific roboticists Accretia, the intelligent and innovative Bellato, or the holy Alliance Cora. These three races find themselves in constant warfare, vying for control over their planet. Evolution brings a new way to play PvP with its new complex server development system.

This new server system will limit the level gap between max level players and new players by placing a limit on the maximum level. New levels are unlocked over time, growing with the development of its players - deepening your gaming experience. The server system in use will allow PvP to be played at different stages of level progression, helping close the gap between players and keep things consistent. This will help keep player progression across RF Evolution more uniform, allowing for a better PvP experience.

RF Evolution also brings back the old days with lower rates and challenging obstacles, providing a deeper, more satisfying leveling experience as you fight alongside other players for the resources of the planet Novus.

Brazillian players eager to get started in RF Evolution can do so by purchasing the pre-order packs on sale from the 4game website. Doing so will not only save you some money (from 50-60% of the total value) but you can also get exclusive items and the ability to reserve your nickname before RF Evolution’s servers officially launch on February 20th.

To check out RF Evolution, as well as take advantage of the pre-pack sale, you can head to the official website and download the 4game platform. From there you’ll be able to download the MMORPG onto your PC and join in the fight for Novus on February 20th!

About 4game:

4game is an international company, well known for bringing popular MMORPGS to different regions, such as Lineage II: Essence, Ragnarok: Online, Classic Lineage II and more. You can learn more, and download the 4game Center client at eu.4game.com


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