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Return of the Gods, Part II

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The Gods Return to EverQuest II, We Reveal Who

Today, we conclude our looks at the gods of EverQuest II. MMORPG.com introduces these exclusively. They will be part of the upcoming expansion pack Echoes of Faydwer. Today, we reveal the second four, three good and two neutral, gods. You can read about the first four here.

Mithaniel Marr: The Truthbringer

Alignment: Good
Portfolio: Honor

Mithaniel Marr is allied with Quellious and Tunare, and is the enemy of Innoruuk, Rallos Zek, and Cazic-Thule. Wielding the fabled two-handed sword known as Truthbringer, Mithaniel Marr is the very personification of Valor. Frogloks and barbarians, both of whom hold honor in high esteem, are among Marr's most devoted followers. Mithaniel Marr teaches that conquest in battle is not enough, for true victory can only be achieved if one holds true to the principles of courage, honor, and Valor. The priests and paladins of Marr have been renowned throughout history for their virtue and bravery, setting an example for all Norrathians to follow.

Quellious: The Tranquil

Alignment: Good
Portfolio: Tranquility, Harmony, Peace

Quellious is allied with Tunare and Mithaniel Marr, and is the enemy of Innoruuk, Cazic-Thule, and Rallos Zek. Manifesting a childlike visage of peace and harmony, Quellious strives to bring enlightenment to the mortal races. Though proponents of compassion and inner Tranquility, the followers of Quellious are not necessarily pacifists. Some, like the Ashen Order of monks, believe that the judicious and calculated application of force is necessary to move Norrath toward an era of true peace. The minions of chaos must be held at bay, sometimes on the battlefield, for Tranquility to ultimately triumph.

Solusek Ro: The Burning Price

Alignment: Neutral
Portfolio: Magic, Fire & the Sun

Solusek Ro, the Burning Prince, has long been the patron deity of wizards and those devoted to the power of Flame. Though placing his own interests above the eternal conflict between good and evil, Solusek Ro has been known to take decisive action when he sees fit. It is said that he is responsible for turning the ancient Elddar Forest of Tunaria into the desert wasteland that now bears his name, driving the elves to seek the shaded shores of Faydwer. His temple has long stood in the molten rocks of Lavastorm, a dangerous place haunted by those consumed by his burning will. Though he has both allied and warred with other gods in the past, what his intentions will be in the Age of Destiny remains to be seen.

Tunare: The Mother of All

Alignment: Good
Portfolio: Nature, Growth

Tunare is allied with Quellious and Mithaniel Marr, and is the enemy of Cazic-Thule, Rallos Zek, and Innoruuk. Matron of the Plane of Growth, Tunare is called the Mother of All by those who see her influence within the living things that grow upon Norrath. High elves and wood elves are ancient races that have long been devoted to Tunare, and now the magical Fae have sprung forth as the embodiment of the renewed power of Growth. But just as nature has a forceful side deserving of great respect, the followers of Tunare are fierce combatants when their patron's interests are threatened. Followers of Tunare believe that Growth is the ultimate influence that will preserve Norrath's people through the trials that lay ahead.

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